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This was a question to Miss Manners in DH's latest issue of Good Housekeeping.

You lend your friend a dress and and they return it with a broken zipper.  How do you respond?


  • I would probably have to choke a biiitch.
  • WzzWzz
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    honestly, i never lend out anything expecting it to come back the way i loaned it out. most people are responsible, but stuff happens. and no one ever treats your things the same way you would, even if they treat your things wonderfully. so really, i'd probably not lend out something i loved a whole lot.
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    I would probably have to choke a biiitch. Posted by WayneBrady
    I would take the Wayne Brady approach.
  • The only person I can imagine lending clothes to would have replaced the zipper before giving it back. 

    Depending on how difficult it would be to put in a new zipper, I'd do it myself and not say anything (for an easy one) or ask them to pay for it (if I had to take it to the tailor). And then never lend them clothes again. 
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    it's about $12 to take it to the tailor here. i am not sure it's worth the awkwardness of having to ask if the person didn't fit it already.

    i don't think someone is wrong for asking to have it fixed, because the person who broke the zipper was wrong for breaking it. or maybe they just didn't notice.

    to me this is one of the things you risk by lending stuff out.
  • I said nothing, but my level of frustration would depend on the value and my love of the dress. 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I was thinking like you WZ.  Miss Manners said to confront the person with "I'm sorry I didn't realize I lent you something with a broken zipper."  Then decide how far to push it.
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