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vow renewal exchange of rings..

I can't decide on what to do for our vow renewal ceremony! I was going to just get our rings engraved and exchange them BUT my husbands band is titanium and can not be engraved. So I need some help with ideas on what to do. Thanks!

Re: vow renewal exchange of rings..

  • Are you buying new rings? It seems strange to me to take your rings off, give them to one another, only to exchange them again. But, to be fair, I've only seen a few vow renewals on tv :)

    Perhaps you could get him a watch that can be engraved? 

    I think you could just do some vows - the rings are a symbol of the first commitment you made when you got married, the vows can explain the renewal of that commitment.
  • My grandparents just renewed their vows & didn't exchange rings at all. I don't think it's necessary to exchange rings again.
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  • i just wanted to exchange something and i couldnt think of anything besides buying new rings which we don't want to do...a watch sounds like a good idea!
  • Don't let anyone let you feel bad about your idea. My husband and I are having a vow renewal ceremony/reception next February, and he will be giving me a new wedding band then. I haven't worn my first wedding band since about 6 mos after we got married...I had an allergic reaction to it or something. But he LOVES his wedding band (its a Lord of the Rings band- he's a geek) so I won't be putting a new ring on his finger, so I might do an engraving on his watch or something. You do what feels right for you. I'm finding out that the great thing about a Vow Renewal is that there are no rules! You get to do whatever makes you happy, without people questioning or telling you what you should or should not do. I'm in a planning process and I'm SO excited! We didn't really get to do much of a reception at our wedding, so I'm planning a big (but inexpensive..mostly DIY) reception.
  • Starfish and bcedens, are you guys still planning a vow renewal? Knot Lili is researching the need for a Vow Renewal board added to TK and has encouraged me to have people PM her with their opinions. If you will, you can go to http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_budget-weddings_intro-to-knot-lili and PM her from the bottom of her intro post. I hope you will consider doing it! I'd love to have a spot where we can all chat about topics specific to vow renewals! :)

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  • I thought about PMing these people, but I know I don't get notices when I get PMs and many of these people are new enough that they don't know how to send or receive PMs.

    When I go into the boards, I see all old threads and new threads together whether I've read them or not. Not so for you? I had no intention of bumping a bunch of old threads, just contacting people who may not be familiar with PMs. I know many people planning renewals leave TK pretty quick and hoped they'd still be getting email notices when there were replies to their threads.

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