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Worried about reception: Country Music

Hi everyone! 

So I am having a wedding out at an old western town with a western carnival/fair theme. Although there will be carnival games for guests to play, as well as amaazing scenery to enjoy, I am worried about the dancing part of the reception.

There is a nice dancefloor built in outdoors for guests, however, due to our theme as well as myself and my groom's taste, we want the music to be mostly country music (the upbeat kind, of course!). Still, I'm not sure how this will go for people dancing? You either have to know a little bit of swing dance, a little bit of two-step, or just be comfortable. 

Is it a bad idea to have country music for the dancing time? Or do you think guests will get along fine and still enjoy themselves? Or should we have dance lessons? Not really sure what to do. I'm not opposed to having the DJ work in other songs once the dinner is over. 

Any opinions would help! Thanks!

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Re: Worried about reception: Country Music

  • Could you have "breaks" in between country songs in another genre?  I think once you get people up there and going they'll stay no matter what kind of music.
  • I don't think anyone is going to be bored at our wedding with 6 carnival games, prizes, raffles, and a photo booth. However, I understand and am happy to incorporate all types of genres of music into the reception, except Rap. Lol. ;)

    Thanks for your advice ladies!
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  • In Response to Re: Worried about reception: Country Music:
    In Response to Re: Worried about reception: Country Music : I would only do one game, if any.  It's a wedding, not a birthday party.
    Posted by edielaura
    Not sure why you see games so negatively, I'm sorry if I offended you, I was just stating I really don't think my guests will be bored. Perhaps you would be bored at my wedding, but I am hoping to have something for everyone. What is it that you would want at a wedding? 

    There will be all the traditional aspects of a wedding in our wedding, just plenty of extras to make it our own. :) I've seen many beautifully done carnival-themed weddings and figured it would fit my crowd perfectly. 

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    We're having a country wedding too with our reception in a barn. I was worried about the same thing since country music is my favorite and I definitely plan on playing a good amount of it. 

    But now I'm struggling with what songs I should play from other genres that will work for everyone that I can tolerate as well. For example, I hate rap and club music and don't want to hear any of that at my wedding, but I understand that this is what people typically dance to now days (<--- I'm 54 trapped in a 24 y/o body here). I'm also opposed to the overplayed ones like "Shout" "YMCA" etc. So it will be challenging for me to figure out what other music I should incorporate. I haven't booked or worked with a DJ yet though, so hopefully I can get some guidance there.
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    I think you should have other music besides country as well.  I went to a wedding where the DJ mostly played country music and songs that had specific line dances.  It was fun for a while and for those who knew the dances, but for those of us who didn't, it got old.  I wanted to dance, but neither my FI nor I knew the steps so we couldn't and when we did try, we got in the way of those who did know what they were doing.

  • imo there needs to be a variety-include all types of music. i'm not a fan of country so for me the entire wedding would be torturous.
    raffles? Undecided


  • In Response to Re: Worried about reception: Country Music:
    imo there needs to be a variety-include all types of music. i'm not a fan of country so for me the entire wedding would be torturous. raffles?
    Posted by alithebride
    I ditto this.  Country music annoys me so even with the super fun games, food, photobooth, mingling I would be annoyed at only country music.  Mix up the music and people will have a blast.
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  • How are the raffles going to work? 

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  • I would have a variety of music. I dislike most country. There are some songs I don't mind but I would get very sick of it quickly if that's all that played. Just like we went to one wedding that only had Polish music. The bride was Polish and I could see playing some songs, esp because some had choreographed dances, but we ducked out early because the music didn't appeal to us and we didn't know the dances.

    I'd mix in other genres as well and let your DJ know that you'd be open to guest requests so you can hopefully play stuff that multiple people enjoy.

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  • I agree with PPs, I would not enjoy a reception that played only country music (really the only genre I really dislike).  I'd have your DJ play a mix of stuff - they'll be able to read your crowd to see what they like/dislike.  I don't think you really need to stick with your theme for this part!  I'd rather see my guests having a good time (regardless of what music they are dancing to) than to keep the theme 100% consistant.
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  • Spoke with my DJ and have no worries about anything anymore. :) 
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  • Our good friends are Country fanatics like us so we all were excited about a mainly country music dance at the reception.  Well...  it didn't even last the whole first hour!!  When I requested an upbeat popular Country song,  the DJ told me he spoke with the Bride and Groom about their song list and showed him how very few people were dancing during those songs and that if it were his choice he'd scratch Country alltogether and play "regular"  wedding songs that everyone would enjoy...  the bride and groom obliged.......

    All in all,  the DJ refused to play my song choice and explained to me the lack of enthusiam for Country music by the guests...  I got over it and had a great time on the once scarce,  now jam packed dance floor for the rest of the night!

    Just input from a huge Country fan that still enjoyed the "typical"  wedding songs.

  • Oh.  And when we spoke to OUR DJ about this (us wanting mostly Country music) our DJ explained that yes there are some huge country fans,  but, in his experience with 25 years of weddings, at a wedding it's not typically enjoyed.  We decided to stick with "typical"  wedding songs with ONLY our FAVORITE country tunes mixed in.  Hope this helps!
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    It's interesting how much variation there is around the country... no one would bat an eye if our reception was all country music!  Your reception sounds fun!
    Posted by miranda1211
    Thanks! I hope it will be :D And it is interesting! I know most of my guests would love it, but for the out-of-town guests, I will follow what the DJ and many on here have recommended. :) Intermingling of all types of music. It sounds fine to me, and I'm not too worried about it after talking with him. I know I'll get to hear most of my favorite songs, even if it's during the meal hour and not the "dancing" time.

    As long as there's no grinding on the dance floor, I'm good :P
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  • I love country music, but I understand that alot of other people aren't as accepting of it.  I did want to mention I had heard of people hiring an instructor for their event that taught how to do the country dances. But, with everything else going on in your wedding, I have to say I would stick with the DJ. Mix in your favorite country songs, and some of the classics and everyone should be happy with that. 
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  • You'll want to be very specific with your DJ and should definitely consider throwing in some other music choices. I love my friends dearly but if they only played contry music all night long I would definitely consider leaving early.  So possibly keep that in mind that not everyone loves country music.  I know I would rather have my friends and family stay longer at the wedding than leave early and since music is huge with a wedding and is constantly on swithcing it up a bit can give those that aren't huge on country a break.  Maybe try to settle on 50% country and 50% a combination of different music.  So when all is said and done country was played longer than any other style.  Or even 60-40.  Also with the DJ make sure to be very specific especially if you do decide on all country.  Most DJs will want to play dance music and depending on the DJ may not have a large selection of country music. And I noticed that you are opposed to Rap (myself included) you should mention that they should not play that.  IF you are super concerned about whether or not they will listen to your requests put it all in writing and if they do play something that you requested that they do not play that they lose money.  All contracts are negotiable and since you are paying them to do a service it should be done the way you want it to be done (barring extreme requests).  And for them to simply not play something is definitely not an extreme request.  Also if this is the case make sure they do not take requests because your guests may not know the restrictions and might get upset with th DJ for playing one person's request but not theirs.  You could always create a decorative sign that politely states that they are not allowed to take requests per the bride and groom.
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