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we are having an outdoor wedding, and my father's co-worker, who has a catering business on the side, will be providing the food. Should i ask what they will be wearing, or ask that they wear black slacks and white dress shirts? I don't want them wearing jeans and a t-shirt, our wedding isn't formal, but it's not casual either..

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  • If they are a professional company, it should not be an issue. You're really overthinking this. No catering company will arrive in tshirts and jeans, nor will they bei in tuxes.
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    You can absolutely ask what they normally wear and ask that they not wear jeans.  Don't assume they won't be in t-shirts and jeans, especially if it's a more casual type of catering company, like BBQ.
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  • I think it's fine to go ahead and ask what the staff typically wears.
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  • I would ask ANY and EVERY caterer I considered.  A recently married couple cautioned my DD and her FI on this, they didn't check with their caterer before their formal recpetion.  The catering company is well known, had been recommended by others to DD/FI.  The recently married couple told DD/FI that the wait staff showed up in khakis and polos and were completely under-dressed for this event. From the planning with the caterer, the caterer knew this was a formal event and not a casual reception. 

    Asking what they will wear and coming to an agreement (as part of your CONTRACT) should be done.
  • I think it's fine to ask.  My sister's photographer showed up in jeans, we were all pretty appalled.  I know our videographers usually wear black jeans and a black polo, I'm planning on asking the other vendors what they'll be wearing as well.
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  • It's perfectly reasonable to ask and to include whatever you agree on in the contract. That's not "overthinking" -- it's proper planning.
  • Most catering staff I've seen wore black pants and white buttoned, long sleeve shirts.  Except for very casual barbecue type catering staff, that work jeans or khakis and "uniform" polo shirts.

    It's perfectly fine to ask, and request the wear something appropriate.
  • If you think that black & whites will be to formal for your event, ask for khaki & whites & ties instead. It's slightly more dressy than polo's.
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