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Cake or Cupcakes?

Hey girls!

We can't decide between cupcakes or a cake.  We heard that cupcakes are cheaper but then we also heard that they can equal the same cost as a cake with all the extra stuff they put on there.

What do you girls think?  Which one really is more affordable or does it just depend on where you life?

Just wondering...thanks!

Re: Cake or Cupcakes?

  • well what's your guest count like?

  • I asked the same question a few weeks ago.  Overall everyone pretty much said cupcakes (that's what we decided on).  They're more fun, you can do more with them, and get different varieties.
  • LasairionaLasairiona member
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    Cupcakes are not always cheaper. Most cupcake bakeries charge more per individual cupcake than you will pay for a single slice of a wedding cake. The only time they are cheaper is if you get them from a grocery store bakery. But when you compare the two, the cupcakes are much bigger since a wedding cake slice is paper thin.

    Your local board will be the best place to get an accurate price range. This is an international board so people are paying all sorts of prices that are dependant on where they live. Even in the same town for the same cake/cupcake, you will find a wide range of prices.
  • I forgot to mention in my pp that they are also cheaper (in my area at least).
  • It all depends on what kind of wedding you are having. Cupcakes would be great for an informal affair. Personally, I hate when I go to a more formal wedding that serves them. Who wants to eat cake with their hands? You end up getting it on your fingers, not to mention your nice clothes! Just something to keep in mind.

    Also, wedding cakes aren't what they used to be. You can be so creative in the design and a cake give you a much bigger palate to work with!

    Good luck!
  • I ordered cupcakes for my wedding. 96 cupcakes costing me $78 where normally it's like $2.50 per slice on a cake.
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  • Cupcakes are fine for a more casual event I think.  Yes- they are almost ALWAYS cheaper, and they can be fun and oh-so cute.....but...will you regret at all not having a cake?
    Have you considered less expensive ways to do a cake...such as~
    1) ordering a plain tiered cake from Publix or Costcos?  They are incredibly yummy!!  You can then decorate as you choose.  Here is an interesting you can do the decor yourself...

    You can purchase sugar flowers or go with a few well-placed fresh for decor.  Simple, elegant, sweet and cost-effective.

    2) Bakers do this all this time- order a decorated cake inwhich most of the layers are actually styrofoam.  No one will know the difference, you can still cut and feed each other from one of the top tiers of real cake...and your guests will be served from a sheet cake that is hidden in the kitchen.  This is delicious, beautiful and will save you 40-50%.

    judge the non-traditional, pop their happy little wedding balloons... and sleep better tonight for you have made the world a better place.
  • I agree with pp's.. it all depends on where you order them from. I always vote for a wedding cake, I never understood the whole fad for cupcakes. I have yet to attend a wedding that served cupcakes...I also agree at a more formal wedding, your guests shouldn't be eating dessert with their hands.

    You can order very beautiful cakes for a reasonable cost. It all depends on where you order your cake or cupcakes from.
  • In Response to Re: Cake or Cupcakes?:
    I asked the same question a few weeks ago.  Overall everyone pretty much said cupcakes (that's what we decided on).  They're more fun, you can do more with them, and get different varieties.
    Posted by akasper16
    You can get a variety with wedding cake as well. Just make all the layers of the cake different flavors/fillings. That way you don't have to pick just one, and you'll have variety for your guests to pick from. This is what we're doing with our cake, I chose one of the layers, FI chose another, and then we both chose flavors for the other two layers.
  • Well, you haven't come back yet to answer any questions.... have you decided? Formal- cake
    Informal - cupcakes

    But you may want to keep them at a plain flavor (not all the fancy stuff) and plain icings. If you get too cutesy with them... they may cost about the same.
  • Thanks girls for all the help!  Those are all really good points.  It's kind of difficult since we are having a more formal reception and I am leaning towards having a cake but my fiance wants cupcakes really badly... I've thought about doing both but that's a lot of money. 

    I like the idea of getting a plain cake that's cheaper and decorating myself with edible flowers etc.  I'll go check out some prices and compare.  I don't know how I'm going to convince my fiance though since he always comes back to cupcakes being more "fun" and "affordable."  So we'll see...

  • My wedding is formal and we're having cupcakes.  We're  having a dessert table with cookies, canolies, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. along with our candy buffet.  So I think it's personal preference.
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