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What flavor cake are you going to have?


Re: What flavor cake are you going to have?

  • I'm a nut for anything lemon, and we're having lemon buttermilk cake with marionberry filling and lemon light cream icing (it's the baker's specialty- has cream cheese in it, sounds good to me! Haven't had tasting yet.). Plus pies: apple, peach/raspberry, and a third undecided.
  • Yeah definitely go with what sounds good to you. We ended up picking 2 flavors we never would have thought. We have 2 tiers with the bottom teir as an Irish Cream that FI picked and the top 2 teirs are strawberry which I picked. We aren't saving the top teir because our baker gives us a free cake on our 1 year. His grooms cake is confetti because that's what he wanted.
  • We're doing 3 tiers. Bottom will be almond cake with citrus buttercream filling, then middle will be chocolate with buttercream filling, then chocolate with raspberry filling. The whole outside will be buttercream as well. =) Definitely go with what you like.
  • OBX2011 - Did your get yours from Great Cakes in Kitty Hawk? Thats where mine is from and we're also doing the Key Lime - I cant wait, the tasting we had was amaaaazing!
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  •  We are doing a 3 tier cake. pink champagne cake with orange filling and chocolate cake with baileys irish cream filling! we just can't decide if we want to repeat a layer or pick something else! 
  • White chocolate pound cake with buttercream frosting.  *nomnomnom*

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  • We're having three different cakes with three different flavors....... Red velvet with cream cheese filling, chocolate cake with buttercream and raspberry filling, and my favorite- rum-soaked white cake with ricotta filling (like a big ol' cannoli).... ALL DELICIOUS!
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