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Pink (corol) and Grey (silver) wedding colors need theme ideas

Just starting the process of choosing colors and theme for our wedding. I'm doing a pink ( not sure on shade of pink yet, maybe a coral) and silver/ grey. I need help finding a theme, and ideas. I really like the romantic chic, vintage look. I have a few ideas just don't know how to bring it all together. Please help!! And ideas would be great

Thank you

Re: Pink (corol) and Grey (silver) wedding colors need theme ideas

  • Hi Blueeyes!

    I came across your post earlier today and thought I could help with a suggestion for your upcoming wedding.

    Firstly, I LOVE LOVE your color scheme, how gorgeous!

    My own wedding was a combination of pink and silver (it actually ended up a little more pink and gold than silver) but before we got to that point I spent a lot of time looking at pink/silver ideas.

    I came across a really sweet favor idea that was inexpensive and fits really well into your vintage silver/grey idea.  

    I re-created this idea using a combination or pink & silver ribbon and loved they way they came out. Cute with hershey's kisses, almonds or even pink jelly beans!  

    Hope this helps with your planning a little :)

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  • I agree w/PP let your colors be your theme, this way you aren't as limited. As you find things, a style for your wedding will develop on it's own. Good luck & your color combo is great!!
  • you can look on etsy n pinterest for ideas
  • It sounds as though you have as much of a "theme"  as you really need in your color scheme and love for the romantic chic/vintage.  Think of the theme as more of unifying idea(s) that give cohesion to your planning of all the different elements than a single statement.  Your color ideas sound lovely and would fit with a romantic/vintage/shabby chic feel very well.

    Check out the Vintage/Retro board
    <-----------------  under Wedding Themes.  There's a sticky at the top with some great resources!
  • I would say to be careful about the silver idea, a lot of times silver can end up looking like machine grey instead. We had to switch ours from red/grey to red/black for that specific problem.
    As far as a theme goes vintage is a theme all it's own. Look up pictures of different era's that included vinage. I know a popular thing is to rent a car that is from that era. I would see what you want to include in your wedding with the 'vintage' idea and encorperating grey and pink will follow a lot easier.

    Ribbin and lace as show in one of the earlier posts is a good vintage look but make sure that you don't make it too prominent other wise your guest will think they're in the doll isle at Wal Mart.
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