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What percentage of people you invite to your wedding would you guess usually show up

Hello All,

I am sure that this questions has been asked a thousands times, but what is the percentage of people you invite to your wedding actually show up. Our reception room can hold up to 250 people and we are wondering should you invite over 250 to account for the percentage of people who will not attend?

Re: What percentage of people you invite to your wedding would you guess usually show up

  • Ditto MNIN.  I've seen anywhere from 50-110% attendance.  Inviting more than your venue and your budget can accommodate is just asking for disaster.
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  • I wouldnt invite anymore then you can afford unless you do the A and B list.  which means you invite 100 people from your A list and if 20 says they arent coming then you invite 20 more from your B list. 
    But from asking all my vendors they say that about 20% of your guest will not show up.

    Hope that helps
  • My daughter's month board had anywhere from 55 to 100% of invited people show. 
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    Eeek!   I think it would be very risky to invite more than the venue can accommodate.  That said, if you absolutely positively know that someone cannot attend -- they're going out of the country and have already purchased non-refundable tickets -- then there's a couple you can cross off the list.

    People's plans and finances change rapidly, which means their ability and willingness to attend a wedding can be exactly opposite closer to your wedding date than their initial assumptions.  Plan on 100% attendance.
  • Ditto PP. We had 100% attendance, despite our original thought that we'd have a bunch of people who wouldn't be able to attend. Obviously attendance varies from wedding to wedding, but you can't bank on a certain percentage not showing. 

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  • For our wedding, we invited a total of 205 guests for our venue that held a max of 200 people. I was very nervous about doing this, since you DO NOT want to have the max that you can fit in your venue. The marketing team for these venues really push it when it comes to venue maximums so that they can sell the space to more people. All said in done, we had a total of 157 people, including us. Worked out great! For us, 77% of our guest list showed up. Hope this helps!
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