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New poster! Intro and a request for opinions

Hi everyone! I've been a lurker for a little while, and have finally decided the time is right to introduce myself! I'm getting married on August 10, 2012 (can't wait!). My fiance and I have been together since 2008 and engaged since 2010. We're getting at Notre Dame, which is the alma mater of both of us (and my fiance x2!).

While I generally try to stay away from themes and being overly coordinated (I don't like everything being too matchy), my wedding and reception have been overcome with my love for everything Notre Dame and Irish (we are even going to Ireland for our honeymoon). My favorite color is, of course, green, so the bridesmaid dresses will be a lovely forest green shade.

The reception is going to be inside, in a nice country club-esque venue. Not quite as fancy as a country club, but definitely not a backyard garden reception either.

We thought it would be neat to do shamrocks (technically oxalis is the name of the plant) for our centerpieces at the reception. Our florist is going to grow the plants for us in gold pots, something like this:
Without giving away too many details, the table "numbers" (they are actually going to be pictures) are going to be in little gold frames. We'll be adding some votives (maybe 3 per table). What do you think about this centerpiece idea? Do you think it will be too casual for our venue?


Re: New poster! Intro and a request for opinions

  • Those centerpieces are pretty put dont say "enchated forest" alone..
    I would l think about that being the base for a tall chandelabra or inexpensive branches which you can hang candles or tiny bits of flowers..

  • Welcome!

    I think the centerpieces sound great.
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  • I do think that the shamrocks are a little too casual.  And, at 5.5 inches square, they're going to be too small for the tables.  What about doing a centerpiece using lots of greenery, and especially incorporating Bells of Ireland flowers?
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    Forgot to mention that budget is very tight for these centerpieces, which is the reason we're not doing anything floral.
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    Well, the shamrocks are $21.95 each, plus shipping.  I think there's quite a lot that you can do with that budget that would be more appropriate for the venue.  And you say you have a florist - why not give the florist your budget and see what she comes up with.
  • I think that idea sounds super cute! Will your florist be able to grow the shamrocks in larger containers? The ones you linked to do seem very small for a full table. I'm picturing long rectangular containers going down the length of the center of the table. Very pretty!

    Also, the last wedding I attended, the groom is an ND alum and they played the fight song at the end of the reception. It was pretty much his only nod to ND, but it was super fun to see all the alumni go crazy for it!
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  • What time is your wedding?  The reason I ask - I have shamrocks at home - they open in the morning (the way they are pictured in your link) but they close at night... if you're reception is at night they won't look like that. 

    (I do love the shamrocks though!) :)

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  • karlcheryl, I didn't think about that. I had one living in my apartment last year and I remember it closing at night, but I think it stayed "awake" pretty late as long as I had the lights on. Is it possible to "trick" them like that? Our reception is from 5-10pm.

    pattib, I don't know if we'll be able to afford anything bigger. The florist is going to grow them for us, and is confident that they will turn into a nice, full plant, so the plant itself will be bigger than the pot. Plus we will have some votives around it, so it won't be the only thing on the table (they will be all round tables).

    Any other ideas for cheap things to add to "fill out" the table or make it look fancier are appreciated.
  • What about sprinkling some sequins down the length of the table? If your venue will allow that, it could be an inexpensive way to add some visual interest and glam it up some?
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  • I just checked mine - it's 8:30pm here and it's asleep... I would check with your florist (or google) to see if you can trick them. I do think it's a great idea I hope it works out for you!

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