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Casino Theme Wedding Ideas

Hello All,

I have decided to a do a casino themed wedding reception and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for things such as centerpieces, card boxes, decor, etc.  Your help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Casino Theme Wedding Ideas

  • We aren't "theming" our wedding as a casino theme, however, we did rent a blackjack and craps tables and two dealers to be at our reception! It's something so unique and adds an element of fun to the reception. Not gambling for real money or anyhting.
    We were thinking of doing customized playing cards as our favor. Everything else about our wedding is going to be be your "traditional" wedding stuff

    Good luck and have fun!
    Candace April (The Future Mrs. J)
  • We are doing a casino theme and would like to have our guests use play money and all that but I have no idea what they do with the money after the fact...SHould we have some prizes or something for the person with the most money? An auction where they can buy different things? Help!! (And thanks!)
  • Your ideas are great! I'm also planning a casino wedding and I thought it was crazy but I see its common! After the wedding will you sell your decor!
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