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Help incorporating this?


So I think I've narrowed down what I want for centerpieces!  We're going to have clear vases with branches shooting out of them (sparkly branches!Wink)

But I really want to incorporate preserved lilac flowers to infuse the scent around my venue.  I'm stumped as to how to do this.  I don't really want them to be seen so much, as just smelled.

I was thinking about mixing them in with rocks, or whatever vase filler i decide to use?  FI and I decided that scattering them on the table would end up looking messy, and tasteless.

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Re: Help incorporating this?

  • I'm a big fan of having wedding-related efforts have some sort of payoff, and I'm honestly not sure people will be able to smell the lilac, no matter what you do.  (Though I LOVE the smell of lilac).  I mean, your guests will be eating, drinking, dancing, and having a generally spectacular time.  I don't think they'll pay any attention to how your venue smells, unless it smells rank, which I doubt.  Between perfume, food, etc etc I think you're fighting a losing battle trying to infuse the place with a scent.  Short of burning some lilac candles, I'd vote spare yourself the time, money, and effort involved with this idea.
  • I think a little smell would go a long way, and perfume in the air can really bother some people.  Maybe just at the entrance of the venue?  That way people get a nice, lovely whiff when they walk in to give a good impression, but it won't be competing with the smells of food and drink inside.
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  • I think jenni and aerin have given some good things to think about.  I do think that once you're in your reception room, the scents of food, perfume, various beverages, WP flowers,  etc. will all cancel out what you're trying to do, unless you make it overpowering.  And you don't want to do that.

    It's also really little or no gain for the money you'll spend.  But if you're compelled to work the lavendar scent into some aspect of the wedding, I have heard of brides who had their guests toss dried lavendar as they exited the ceremony. When crushed underfoot, I'm told it releases a lovely scent. 

    Of course, that is incumbent on your venue allowing things to be tossed at all.  GL
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  • On the gift table, in the restrooms, at the bar...  anyplace that isn't around food :-)
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