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Martini Bar Theme - Ideas?

We decided awhile ago to go with a Martini Bar theme (I'm not huge on themes, but it honestly kind of worked out that way to have one).

  • So far, our centerpieces are giant martini glasses with a pink floral ball in it.  (This is where the theme started)  
  • Each table will have a different martini name, such as Appletini, Chocolatini, Flirtini, etc.   
  • Below the ball, in the very bottom of the glass we're going to have colored gems that are the color of that martini (green, yellowish, pink, respectively) with LED lights to accentuate them.  
  • On each place setting at that table, the guest will receive a recipe card for that martini their table is named after.
  • Our desserts are being served in martini glasses.
  • Our specialty drink is a cotton candy martini, with pink cotton candy - they look like the centerpieces!  
  • Our favors are little shot glasses

I'm just wondering how else I might be able to incorporate this Martini bar theme without having it plastered everywhere.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Or do I have enough already?

Re: Martini Bar Theme - Ideas?

  • My only thought is that a blue cheese stuffed olive appetizer might be yummy.  I always think olives when I think martinis.
  • I definitely think that's enough. Any more would be overkill, I think :)
  • I think what you have is perfect. I typically think themes are cheesy but you've worked this one in well. I think I would enjoy it!
  • i love your theme and ideas you mentioned. I think that is plenty  :)
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  • My wedding is a mix of Retro 50's and a Martini Lounge.  I have yet to hear of anyone else doing anything like this.  I love your ideas.  My centerpieces are using the same big martini glasses set upon glass blocks, with pink and purple gems and lights inside. They will be surrounded by different styles of glass vases with gems and candles in them.  Still working out the kinks.  We are serving a signature martini and our meal is all appetizers.   We are having a candy bar, that will have different sized martini glasses and shakers filled with candy for our guests to snack on.  My wedding party and I will be dressed in the retro 50's style with my bridesmaids wearing swing dresses and the groom's side wearing hats and suspenders.  I would love to hear more of your ideas, because I have so many floating in my head, sometimes hearing other ideas from other brides helps me weed out the things I don't want.

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