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open house reception

i'm thinking of doing an open house for a reception, how much space do i need, will my appartment suffice?

Re: open house reception

  • Depends on how big your apartment is and how many people you are inviting to the wedding. If you invite 100 people and your apartment is 800 sq ft., it will be tight.  If you are inviting 15 people to the wedding, you will probably be ok. If you are on the ground level and have access to a courtyard, that would be better.
  • considering i dont know the size of your apartment, how many people you invite etc.. it's kind of hard to say. what if everyone shows up at the same time? will there be enough food/room?


  • You should check with your landlord about the maximum allowed in your apartment at one time, or the local fire marshall.  While an open house reception is a nice idea, it may not be safe or feasible.

    Look around for a nice local park with a gazebo, or check into a community center for rent or a fire hall - there are lots available, and they are usually inexpensive.

  • good point about the max capasity, i was thinking 50 people and my appartment is about 900 sqft. and i am on the ground floor with space out the back.
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