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First Post!! Theme Help!!

For our reception I was planning on having an "Enchanted Forest" theme with tall leafy centerpieces, with moss at the base.. and table card holder made of a tray covered in moss..
When the Fiance and I met with the florist, my fiance was totally uncomfortable with the idea..

To sum up the issue:
Fiance likes think Sharp and Modern
I like things organic and vintage

How can we create a whimsical, enchanted forest reception and keep things "clean and modern"? Should I just change the theme?

Re: First Post!! Theme Help!!

  • Can you switch florists or do you already have a contract? Before I switch my theme, I would maybe check out places like Pinterest to see if there are any ideas that would fit into the modern theme. I would bet there are some fabulous ones! Laughing
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  • Wait. Who didn't like the idea, your florist or your fiancé?

    If it was the florist, find a new one. If it was your groom, you need to compromise because it's his wedding too.
  • My Fiance **
  • Did your florist give any suggestions on how to incorporate the two?
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  • Ask your fiance what he would like.  Find out what colors/styles matches his wedding vision and try to figure out what you to agree on. 
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  • Weddings are best when they are planned together.   Instead of talking to us about themes, talk to you fiance about what he wants.  What is his vision of sharp and modern?  Is he interested in a west coast club vibe?    Is he against flowers?  What do you like about enchanted forest?  Can you blend elements of enchanted forest and sharp and modern?  Enchanted forest is a very common theme so does he want to avoid the been there feeling for something uniquely your own?
  • Maybe take one or two elements of the Enchanted Forest theme and simplify to keep the clean lines your fiance prefers - use trees as the organic with just a flower blossom or two or bowls/vases of moss balls mixed with glass, metallics and nix all of the over the top forest stuff and overabundance it can involve - no fairies, butterflies - you can use those in your bouquets and corsages if you want them - keep the guys simple. Don't fluff with lots of tulle draping, use simple burlap or metallic runners, stuff like that. A good decorator or florist can help you set up some simple setting options, then take him in to see them and see if you can compromise. Most guys are visual, they won't agree if they can't see the results.
  • Thanks guys! We decided to listen to Courtney and just clean thinngs up a bit! He's no good at describing what he "does like " but I found some pictures we both agree on and I think I like it more than the original concept!
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