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Photo Booth - letting Guests know about it

We are having a photo booth at our reception. I am so excited for it! Was wondering what you all thought about having a prop box... Should we have one filled with lots of fun stuff or should we just have people come in and take silly pictures on their own with no props? 

Also, we are going to put a little picture clip holder on each table letting the guests know about the photobooth... I'm trying to figure out the wording for it.. Was thinking of something like.. Help make our wedding picture perfect or a picture says a thousand words or something like that.. Any creative wording ideas to let guests know we have a photobooth and that we want them to use it?? 

Re: Photo Booth - letting Guests know about it

  • Im not very insightful on the wording...but the prop box definately :)
    i've heard it called a tickle trunk too...very amusing :)
  • I'm not great about the wording either, but how about making the photo booth pictures your favors and putting a paper sleeve that holds the pictures at the place settings with an insert of you two in a photo booth telling the guest to fill this with their own photo booth pictures.
  • In Response to Re: Photo Booth - letting Guests know about it:
    Im not very insightful on the wording...but the prop box definately :) i've heard it called a tickle trunk too...very amusing :)
    Posted by Suzzie_stretch
    This makes me think of Mr. Dressup's Tickle Trunk. If you ever watched that show and your peers would recognize the box/wording, I'd go with something wording tickle trunk.

  • I'm also in this prediciment. I plan on having the DJ announce the opening of the photobooth - directly after dinner - and was thinking about including a little saying on the menu card at each place setting. Not too sure yet though.

    Definitely doing a prop box!!

    We are also putting together a wedding scrapbook (from target) before the day, we are going to make a "sample" strip to go on the first page, 4 photos, and in each one we are going to be holding a chalk board - "Please Sign Our Guestbook" one photo for each word - and then we'll write a note to guests on the side of it - something along the lines of please leave us a piece of the fun to remember our wedding... I'm not sure.

    Good luck!
  • I am having our band announce the photobooth opening. Our reception starts at 5 and the booth is scheduled for 7-10pm so I want people to enjoy their food and then party and take pictures.

    I never thought about putting something on the I have to rethink this. I'll need wording help too.

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  • here is a cute photobooth sign that you can customize with your names and wedding colors from the wedding chicks blog, which i fully intend on using! Check it out!

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  • We are having ours in the space where the cocktail hour is. We are using ours as a guest book. I will have little scrap booking materials for people to add their photo to the page, sign their name add a couple stickers, whatever they want to do. So I am thinking since everyone should see it when they come in there's really no need to write something about it. I will just have the DJ announce it if it is a problem for some reason!
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  • I have a free download for a conversation bubble template on my Good Day! blog ( along with some other inexpsenive prop ideas for your photo booth. I like the idea of the photo cip or photo fram on the table with a saying. How about:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words

    And we are sure that will be the truth

    When we see your smiling faces

    In snapshots from our photo booth!


    Be sure to visit the photo booth, located _________.

    We are so glad you are here and hope you have a wonderful time!




    Bride & Groom

    Hope that helps!


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