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Much ado about linens

This is a completely ridiculous thing to spend too much time thinking about, but I need opinions.

Our wedding colors are royal blue and yellow. Originally I wanted to get blue table runners to put over the venue-provided white tablecloths, to go with our sunflower centerpieces. However, our linen person does not have blue runners, but has blue and yellow tablecloths. I am thinking of maybe having some tables with blue covers and some with yellow, with alternating colored napkins. 

My question is, will this be overwhelming? Like "WHOA look at the wedding colors!" It is not a small room, and there are lots of windows. There will probably be 10-12 tables. The only other decor we were thinking of is hanging blue (or yellow?) paper lanterns from these blueish twinkle lights hanging from the ceiling (see below- this is my venue too, to give you an idea of the space).

So. Too much? Too matchy matchy? Should I just do white covers with colored napkins? Blue and yellow covers? No paper lanterns? What did other people do for linens? Does this even matter?

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Re: Much ado about linens

  • It's definitely up to you, but I think white linens with blue or yellow napkins, plus the pop of yellow from your centerpieces will be great for the tables.

    Can you find blue water glasses? I know some places rent those and that might be a nice way to bring some blue in. 

    I think paper lanterns would be really pretty, but it's your call :)

    Have you considered uplighting? That's definitely a way to bring in color without it being overwhelming. 

    We went all out with linens - several layers of custom made linens in diferent fabrics - so for me it was a priority, but it really is up to you and what you want to spend your money on.
  • In Response to Re: Much ado about linens:
    If you have sunflower centerpieces, I would go with blue table clothes on all of the tables. The flowers won't stand out on much on the yellow tables. 
    Posted by Liatris2010
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  • In Response to Much ado about linens:
    This is a completely ridiculous thing to spend too much time thinking about, but I need opinions. ...Does this even matter?
    Posted by meg65
    Your guests are not likely to remember the color of your linens.  Do you remember the linen color of any wedding that you attended as a guest.  For this reason, I went with the venue linens (ivory linens) and added a touch of color with blue wine glasses.  (PP had a good idea.)  This way I could have a touch of color and invest the funds in something my guests would enjoy....great appetizers and late night snack of soft pretzels with hot mustard.  
  • Whatever you choose, make all the tables the same.  Alternating colors makes the room look choppy.  Why not white table cloth, yellow sunflowers, and blue napkins?  PPs had a good idea with using colored glasses, too.
  • Try laying a napkin of each color in the center of the table in each color under your centerpiece on top of the white tablecloths. You get the still get the colors on the table with the consistency of the white through all of them.  You'll find a little goes a long way and you'll save on linens as well.

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