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Soda Favors?

I'm getting married in a few months, and my fiancee and I are having a problem deciding on favors.  I really like the Jones Soda bottles (, but they're $30 for 12 bottles, and that doesn't even include the ridiculous amount shipping costs!  We're inviting 450 people, so that's just no feesible for us!

I was thinking I could make my own labels, but I have no idea how to do this.  Or where to get the soda bottles themselves from?  Is this a stupid idea??  We also considered doing little bottles of liquor since we're not having a kid friendly reception anyway, but I don't want us to look like alcoholics.  
I know a lot is discussed about favors, and I see why.  This is the most time consuming thing so far!


Re: Soda Favors?

  • those are sold all over the place. doesnt anywhere near you sell them?
    i mean even if it's an hour away you can load up your car and save the shipping. i wouldn't make your own soda. and giving liquor has nothing to do with it being a kid friendly wedding or not-it's normal to serve liquor at a wedding.....if you give  a small bottle of wine no one will think you're alcoholics-they'll think you like wine and that you think theyd like it too...people woudn't assume you're addicted to candy if you gave chocolates.


  • Are you planning on getting larger bottles of liquor and then putting them in smaller bottles yourself?  I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused on what you want to do.

    If you are doing the above, I wouldn't.  If I'm going to receive drink as a favor, I'd prefer it be sealed.  You just never know.
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  • I wouldn't make my own soda, I'm not that dedicated lol.  I haven't looked, I was more wondering if anyone has any experience in this field...

    They sell mini bottles of alcohol (like what you're offered on a plane) so that's what I was thinking.  My fiancee is a HUGE Captain Morgan fan, but I'm concerned since there is an open bar no one will care that we gave them a bottle as well.  I would just hate to spend a lot of money on something and then see people not take them or not even care.
  • Sometimes grocery stores have individual bottles of jones soda on sale at 10 for $10. Maybe you could stock up duruing a sale?
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  • In Response to Re: Soda Favors?:
    Sometimes grocery stores have individual bottles of jones soda on sale at 10 for $10. Maybe you could stock up duruing a sale?
    Posted by LetsHikeToday
    The OP said she is having 450 guests so even on sale it would be $450.  IMO that sounds too expensive for just favors.
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  • "  so even on sale it would be $450.  IMO that sounds too expensive for just favors"

    Maybe that's the issue that I'm running into, is that we're inviting soo many people, I'm not thrilled about spending a lot of money on something, anything really that people will just consume and throw away.  Even if I could find the soda for $1 a bottle, the time and extra expense it would take to make tags and whatnot would be a lot.  So does anyone have any other ideas we could use for a wedding this size without totally busting our bank accounts? 
  • I would either skip favors altogether or go way simple with something like candy.
    450 of ANYTHING is going to add up and be a hassle to transport.
  • Ya I would ditch the soda/liquour idea...sounds too expensive and time consuming.

    We did pens.  It was 33c and we had to order a minimum of 300, no shipping (promotion going on) so it cost us $109 with tax.  Edible favors are always the most ideal for favors but we had a good experience with the pens.  We had 100 guests and I set out about an additional 80 (or so) on a table...when cleaning up I only found a very small handful (like 10 or so) so apparently they were a hit.

    We ordered them from

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  • Since you seem to like the beverage theme what about doing custom cozies ? Just a though :)
  • I believe has labels that will fit over soda bottles, so you could save on shipping but still personalize them.
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  • I suggest candy - you can buy it in bulk and that would be the cheapest way to go, while still giving guests something enjoyable. Unfortunately for a wedding of that size personalized/fancy wedding favors, unless you have a very high budget, seems difficult.
  • Thanks for all the input ladies I appreciate it :)
  • Somewhere on the wedding websites I read that you can make your own bottle labels by printing it on regular paper and using a glue stick or double stick tape for the adhesive.
    I found 2x2 square labels at OfficeMax - it's free shipping and it was really fun to use - we added our monogram to it and used it as the seal for the save the dates and will put it on the popcorn boxes for our dessert bar. 
    Don't give up your idea.  this is YOUR wedding and if you don't want to have a favor like everyone else does, then don't.  I have no idea your wedding colors or preferences, but I've seen a lot of glass bottle beverages lately at our stores.  Good luck!
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