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Guest sign-in table

Can anyone give me ideas or their pictures of their guest sign-in tables? I'm having a hard time figuring out how to decorate mine.

Re: Guest sign-in table

  • Pics in married bio.

    We had a picture of my H's parents, my parents, us, our guestbook, program basket, and a collage that my BMs made for us and gave me at my bridal shower.
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  • On our table we will have the sign-in book, a floral arragement, a white bird cage for cards, and a picture of us. (an enganement picture of us holding hands and being cheesy!)

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  • On ours I'm planning on having a large frame w/pics of us in it and guests will sign the white mat outside of the pictures and I picked up letters and a stand to spell out I DO on a stand (painted in our wedding colors)
  • Ours had a picture frame mat to sign, the guest book, a sign that explained "this is the guest book, please sign it" (pic of sign in bio), a cute glass container to hold the markers, engagement pictures of ourselves, and a flower arrangement.
  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I found out that the table is going to be pretty small...3ftx3ft squre. That sounds small to me anyway, so I won't have much room for anything. I was thinking of placing a cute basket with my programs inside as well. 
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