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How to decide who to invite??

We are having a traditional sit down dinner, I don't think we can afford to really have more than about 80-90 for our dinner. Right now our guest list is at about 95 but, I have a very disfunctional family none of them showed up to my sisters wedding. So, there goes about 15 people right there, as well as about 8 on my fiance's side that we are inviting but know probably won't be able to make it. I do have other people that we could invite, but I don't want to invite too many incase everyone decides that they will come. Would you send out extra invites, or, just remain with who we have and if they don't come have a smaller dinner than expected?
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Re: How to decide who to invite??

  • You are between a rock and a hard place.  I say... don't feel obligated to max out your budget... I felt obligated to do that.... and it is very stressful

    Invite who you can afford... spend less than you expected after people decline... put all that money you saved towards all the unexpected expenses that occur with weddings
  • Unless there are people that you left off that original list of 95 that you really want to invite then I would just keep it to that original list. It's ok if you don't max out on the total number of people you can have. 
  • Just send out your invites a little earlier than planned and put the first set of invited rsvp dates a ltitle earlier so worst comes to worst you'll still have a little etxra time to invite those people you really want to go (versus the no shows)
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