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Pairing green wedding colors HELP!

Ok, so my wedding is a moss/olive/jalepeno green color. I posted a picture of my bridesmaid dresses. I'm working on accent colors and am stuck. The carepet in my venue is not so pretty. The wedding is in September so I need ideas for colors. I was going to go with a peach/pink for the flowers, but now I'm not sure. I also wanted to know if metallics come into play, silver or gold. Thanks!!!

Re: Pairing green wedding colors HELP!

  •  heres the carpet :)
  • That's a really pretty color.  As PP said, don't worry about the venue.  Since your wedding is in the fall, I think that red-orange, eggplant and gold would look good with that dress.
  • The carpet/flooring will not affect your wedding and/or wedding color scheme so don't worry about it.

    Pink, yellow, orange, purple, grey/silver, brown, black, white...a lot good with that green!

    I think your initial choice of pink/peach with some silver/grey would be perfect!  Good choices!
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  • I think a gold would look good with the green
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  • Have you thought of a broze or copper instead of gold?  You can do several shades of green, yellow and ivory with it.  Pink/peach will also look pretty.

  • orange.. I'm doing orange and green. My metal color is gold cuz it works best with the orange
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  • I'm doing an apple green and dark gray - though it's not easy finding dark gray in anything......I love the bridesmaid dress - where did you find it?
  • Orange and Pink combination
    Or you can add orange, pink, yellow
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  • I am having champagne/ivory as the main color with orange and green accents. 
  • I love rust with this color and I would always go with the warmth of a gold or copper metallic in the fall - silver always reminds me of winter...
  • Gosh that dress is a gorgeous color green! Honestly, I think of green as a neutral (think of flowers: they all have green leaves....) so pick colors based on the mood you want to evoke. Vibrant, quiet, romantic. Autumn flowers are beautiful and can be vibrant: go with the reds, oranges, fuschia, purple (yes, they make a beautiful combo.) For romantic and elegant, white/champagne flowers and accessories  could be beautiful. As for metallics, I love the idea of mixed metals with this green: go for copper with gold and silver, gunmetal. There are some beautiful metallic colored pearls and beads available for jewelry, and you can do mixed metals on the tables, especially for candleholders. Think mercury glass which also comes in colors (I have a beautiful purple votive holder and a gorgeous red christmas decoration....) I think you will have a hard time choosing colors, because you have so many options! And yeah, forget about the carpet....
  • Oh, yeah, your peach/pink will be great if you're still drawn to it. Just add a rich (burgundy, orange, copper) color accent or ribbon to keep it from looking too springy.
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