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masquerade Ball

I have always loved Halloween, and since my fiance wont agree to get married on Halloween, we've been trying to plan a masquerade  Ball type reception- masks and all.

The problem we are running into is how to present that on the invite, without turning it into the entire theme of the wedding.

Should we just leave it a surprise, for when they walk into the reception?
When the desert is handed out (not doing a cake- i dis-like sweets) , they also had out the masks and when the lightning changes (it'll go from normal lighting to darker hues of reds and purples for the Ball part) is when they put on the masks.

I do plan on having a little dress changed, to fit the masquerade Ball theme so when the groom & I present ourselves again, is that when everything should change??

Help... Advice.... Anything!!!

Re: masquerade Ball

  • I agree with edie.
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  • So because you don't like sweets, your guests aren't getting cake?  What are you doing in place of cake?
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  • I think it would be nice to share with your quests what the theme of your wedding is. Even though, you say that is not your theme, it is. You are even changing your dress to match the theme. I say if you are going to do a theme, go for the whole package, or don't do it at all.

    What are you doing for dessert if no cake? Even if you don't like sweets, you should be doing something for your guests.
  • We're doing an ice cream buffet with "snacks", cookies, mini cup cakes, stuff like that.
  • I think a Masquerade reception is fine. I would not inform the guests because it is what you want, not their choice. If you want to invest in masks for your guests to select from or wear, that would be fine. But I would not expect them to come with their own.
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    It's fine to have masks out on their tables, but don't force anyone to wear one or pressure them in anyway. I don't think it's necessary they know the "theme" ahead of time. I mean, I'm sure there are motifs or designs you could put on your invitations to go along with your theme, but you don't have to write out that you'll be wearing masks. Those who want to join in, can,, on the day of the wedding.

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  • i hate being instructed on what to wear. make the masks available for your guests and if they wear them-great, if not, fine.


  • I think you should somehow let your guests know in advance. Some of them may want to get special masks for your day! (I know I would!) Just have some at the tables for those guests who forgot/didn't have time/etc.

    You could try an image of a mask on the invitation, you guys in masks on your wedding website, have your mom & bridal party spread the word... Maybe even try the wording "We invite you to a masquerade reception in honor of the new couple" or something along those lines....
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