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Centerpieces for buffet reception

We're having a buffet reception with no seating assignments or place settings.  It's more casual and allows for more mingling.  My worry is that my tables will look pitiful with just a centerpiece on it.  Anyone have ideas on how to not make my tables look so bare?  We're doing white linens and simple hydrangea centerpieces and candles around that.  Thanks!

Re: Centerpieces for buffet reception

  • Adding place-mats or rolled silverware at each seat would add a bit more color
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    It won't look bare.  I was worried about the same thing and really wanted to add (gold) chargers.  Which I did on my head table.  But the other tables looked fine.  If you're having any kind of small favors, you can have them at the place setting.  You can also add rose petals in your wedding colors around the centerpieces.  You can have your napkins folded rectangular at the place setting where the plate would be.  My event planner actually folded mine in like a spiral to add height to the tables.  If chargers are in your budget, those would look great.  The guests aren't sitting there long anyway before they go to the buffet. 

  • Don't forget that you'll also have items like salt and pepper, sugar, creamer, table numbers, etc. on the tables as well. 

    I prefer a more simplistic look myself and once you have a table of 10 people sitting with drinks, plates, etc. it fills in nicely.  I am using rolled silverware wraps tied with a ribbon and a simple menu card at each setting. 

    We realized that after putting all of the other items on the tables it might actually "take away" from our centerpieces.  I think it will look just fine!
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