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DIY Wedding needing food "servers"

Good Morning ladies, Have a question and hoping that someone may have an idea where to look.  I am doing a very DIY wedding and we are either purchasing food or making it all our selves.  My aunts and I will be doing the initial buffet set up prior to the ceremony but I need to have some people that can refill food when it is empty and then also to clean up a lil and then put out our late night snacks and of course refill those when empty as well.  I was considering asking the FI's cousins whom are all 17 or 18 to help out but realized well I want them to have fun as well as basically they are all a little scatter brained and I'd be worried that things were not being taken care of.  So long story short where do you think would be a good place to look for honest capable people to assit with this task the day of. 

Re: DIY Wedding needing food "servers"

  • If the cousins are in town, you could see if they have any friends/classmates that would be willing to help out for a few bucks and free food.
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  • I would hire servers.  Do you know anyone who works in a restaurant or has friends who might want to earn some extra money?  You could also post an ad on your local Craig's List.  Or maybe contact some caterers in your area and see if you can just use their service and not their food, although that's unlikely. 
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  • I was thinking about craigslist but was also worried someone with a sketchy background might come and bam my card box disappears half way through the night.  I do have a few friends that work in the resturant field I'll maybe go that route and see if anyones interested.
  • Maybe you could ask a few local caterers where they would hire extra waitstaff or food servers.  Or inquire at a temp agency or party rental place.  They might could point you in the right direction. 

    I know a woman that said she helped work her way through college being a banquet server, because she could pick and choose what nights she was available to work.  But I don't know what kind of place she worked for.
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    I agree about hiring servers.  I found some people with previous banquet experience and hired them for $13 and hour.  I think it's definitely worth avoiding the headache of having teenagers do it. 
  • One of my friends hired the brother of one of her bridesmaids and his friend to be servers.  Worked out great.  I would see if you know any friends of friends who wouldn't otherwise be invited to the wedding who might have some experience and be willing to work for cheap.
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