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tip buffet caterers?

We didn't see a service fee or gratuity charge on our catering bill, which we have already paid prior to our wedding this weekend.  So, I'm guessing we should tip.  However, we are having a buffet with a few appetizers being butler passed.  I'm guessing there will be 2-3 butlers passing appetizers for 30 minutes and I know we have 2 bartenders for two hours.  I'd think 18% of the total food and beverage bill would be a bit much, since we aren't sitting down and won't have waiters.   Any suggestions?   Maybe 10% of the catering bill?  Or just tip each butler and bartender?   And perhaps the catering manager/coordinator who is on site? 

Re: tip buffet caterers?

  • I would tip each person not sure what your budget is.

    I would tip the coordinator the most then the bartenders then the butlers. I am having a staff as well that I hired personally and am still thinking of an amount to tip. I dont want to do a percentage because im catering my own. Maybe if you cross post this on Etiquette you might get a good response or you can search for tip etiquette in the search bar.
  • I just recently helped pick up during a wedding, plastic plates, cups, drink glasses, ect.  I was so pissed that not only after going through the crazyness of doing this wedding did I not get a tip but the bride asked to pay me in cash to skip any taxes. tip your help.
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