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Just two or three wedding colors?

We're having a hard time deciding on wedding colors. We're looking for a spring wedding outdoors. Its a destination wedding. We wanted to go with a theme of something like "denim and dasies" but we like all of the different colors of dasies so my question is this...
Is it unreasonable to make wedding colors something like denim blue, yellow, white, pink, and orange? all of the different daisy colors we'd like to add, or do we really need to stick to just two or three simple colors?

Re: Just two or three wedding colors?

  • If you keep a lot of the main things one color, or all neutral colors, then you can probably use a lot of other colors for the details.

    For example, I would keep the bridal party in one basic neutral color (maybe the denim blue for the BMs, and black or silver vests & ties for the guys) and have colorful flowers. Use white tablecloths but make the centerpieces, favors or menus be colorful.
  • We had four wedding colors, two of which were neutralish {black and ivory} so it definitely worked. I say go for what you want!

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