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DJ or IPOD? Help!

I am having a smaller wedding (80) guests with the reception being at a restaurant with an outdoor patio. There is no space for a dance floor, but there will be space for us to have our first dance.

We have other acitivites planned to get guests involved to pass the time since we wont have a dance floor. I am curious if money should be spent on a DJ to play music, or do our own thing with an ipod and speaker.

I am worried how much space a DJ will take up (and cost), especially if there will be no dancing.

Everyones opinion is appreciated!

Re: DJ or IPOD? Help!

  • There are plenty of girls on my local board that skipped the DJ for some of the same resons as you and went with the Ipod and had a great night!


  • If you want dancing, I'd recommend a DJ, but since you're planning to skip the dancing, I think you'll be fine with an Ipod.
  • In your case, I'd probably go with an ipod -- assuming you have or can rent the sound equipment necessary.
  • If the music will only be background music, there's no need for a DJ, assuming that you can get a sound system.  But does the restaurant already pipe in music to the patio?  Maybe you don't need anything.
  • If you have the sound equipment then I think in this situation no you don't need a DJ.  If you want somebody to announce the entrances, cake cutting, toasts, first dance, etc I would keep that into consideration as well.
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  • I would go with the iPod in your situation. Especially if you're only wanting music as a background thing & not necessarily for people to dance to.
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  • I think at first anyone would recommend a DJ but truthfully youre not going to need one if theres no dance floor. With an ipod people can still gt up and dance a bit if a song they like is on. You really need a DJ to serve as a Master of Ceremonies to keep a party going. but it sounds like you have plenty planned!

  • I think in your case its find to just have an Ipod.  If your not planning on your guests really dancing I don't think there is any reason to spend the money or use up the room.
  • I have friends who did an iPod/docking station setup during their reception.  Dancing was a blast!  I think it can be done given that small of a group since not everyone will dance. 

    I would only recommend a DJ if you're going to have a large party and lots of room.  Good ones (unless you know one) can be costly.
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