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Morning Ladies! I took measurements this morning and didn't see too much movement - maybe 1/2 inch off my waist and an inch off my hips. No movement on the chest - which is where I am REALLY hoping to lose some. arg. I'm keeping up with my 4 day a week goal for working out this month. Eating has been ok and alcohol consumption has been down - so hoping some more inches start dropping soon!!

B - half blueberry bagel and a bit of cream cheese
L - Spaghetti (whle wheat pasta)
D - we ended up having soup last night so we'll do turkey sandwiches tonight!

WO - Turbo Fire. I meant to do it this morning but my shoulders/back were a little sore from boot camp last night. I'll get some stretching in after work and then hit the tape.
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Re: Accountability

  • B: Yogurt and granola
    S: n/a
    L: half a Jimmy Johns sub and small bag of chips
    S: Banana
    D: Recipe called short cut paella 

    W/O Well waiting for my work out partner to get here. Then planning on doing 30 day shred, maybe abs. 

  • Field work today, so not the best, but did what I could with what I had. B: Starbucks veggie and egg sandwich L: lunch buffet at the truck stop near my field site (never thought I'd eat at a restaurant in a gas station, but gotta love the things you do for work). Did eat a big salad from the salad bar. S: hot chocolate, again from the gas station, lol D: FI made an awesome shrimp, pasta, and tomato dinner. WO: nothing. Field work all day included hiking, and lots of bailing water out of wells.
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