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Newbie Question

Here is my first actual post, just had a couple questions.

We're getting married on 10/11/12.

How far in advance do you book the wedding?

We are thinking of Mexico and I have found Palace Resorts online (, does anyone have any experience with them?  There's a couple different locations around which we haven't decided that far.

How far in advance should invites get sent out?

Should I still plan on bridal showers even though we're doing a DW?

Thanks ladies!!!
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Re: Newbie Question

  • Congrats on your engagement and picking a DW...

    usually resorts don't start allowing reservations until a year in advance (or that's been my experience)

    I believe Mel stayed at a Palace Resorts for her honeymoon...I'm not sure if anyone is getting married at those specific resorts, but you can always try and look at the comments there for those resorts. Also you can try for more help - though we're much friendly and user friendly :)

    I believe most girls have sent out their invtiations about nine months in advance? I haven't had my wedding yet, but the girls who have sent out their invitations and/or have had their wedding can answer that question for you...

    and the last's your wedding! If you want showers (thrown by other people of course, you don't plan them) then go for it. If you don' don't have to.

    Hope you stick around!!
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  • Welcome and Congrats!

    I'm getting married at Cancun Palace on 11/4/11 and we have at least one other bride getting married at the Moon Palace in January. 

    I have been to Cancun Palace, it's been a little over 5 years in which in that time they have renovated it (Hurricane Wilma hit in 2005).  I LOVED the resort when we went 5 years ago.  It's in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.  There are a few restaurants right up the street as well (TGI Fridays, Senor Frogs).

    As far as how early you should book, I'm not sure how far in advance they book, I reserved my date in September, so I was about 14 months out. 

    Myself, as well as several other knotties are using a travel agent,  I'm using Beach Bum Vacations.  They are a company that is pretty common here on the board.

    Since I'm pretty much still in the very beginning stages of planning this is all the help I can give at the time, but if you think of any other questions, please let me know!

    Good Luck!
  • hi!!   welcome to the DW!    There are several mexico brides here, and even a few palce brides.   Im sure they will be able to answer some of your questions. 

     I have been to Moon Palace and Cancun Palace on vacation.  Moon Palace is by far my fave.   But, they are all very nice.  

    Since you've picked a "specialty" date, it probably wouldnt hurt to email the resorts now to see when you can book. 

    I was a very last minute DW bride.  My STDs went out 8 months in advance, before we even had a resort.   My wedding is in just over 5 months, and I'm sending the invites out tomorrow.  

    Good luck!  Check out some bios, I stalked them a lot in the begining.  And stick around!  :)
  • Hi and welcome!  I'm no help with Mexico but we have several Mexico brides here.  I'm sure someone can give you advice on that. 

    We booked our wedding about 10 months in advance and sent out STDs as soon as we had a place and date locked down.  As for invites, I am getting married in May and I will send the invites out beginning of Jan.  Our resort, Sandals, requires our final headcount by March.  Not alot of time btw our RSVP date but people have known for months now what the plan is. 

    As for the shower, unless the wedding is family only, I would still only invite those invited to the wedding.  We are inviting everyone that would have been invited to a local wedding (with the exception of a few). 

    Good luck and stick around.  It's a great board and a great group of girls!
  • I'm not too much help since I just became a DW bride (seriously, like two days ago), even though I've been engaged for 11 months lol

    After planning a huge local wedding, FI and I decided to go away and elope - just the two of us.  We are booking Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya for the first week of March.  Since we are just planning on a very basic, simple ceremony with no guests, I am confident the short time frame won't be a problem.  However, since you are planning a date almost two yrs in the future, you won't even be able to see any flight information yet.  It won't hurt to call the resort you like and ask them, but I think two years out is a little early.

    Of all the resorts we looked at online, Palace was the one that FI and I liked the best.  I also liked Dreams, but it seems as though Palace is running a really great promotion right now, so that is why we ultimately chose Palace.
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  • Hi..I am getting married at the Aventura Spa and Cove..Which is a Palace Resort, on February 18th. My photographers, Del Sol took this slideshow if the resort. You should take a look at it if your thinking about this palace resort. It shows a lot of wedding locations.
  • Thanks so much ladies!!  All your info helps a lot.  I will be around, I will need a lot of advice and guidance, I'm sure!  :)
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