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dress update!

I just got off the phone with the store manager.   The girl I spoke to the other day didnt know what she was talking about, my dress is currently in production.   YAY!!!!!!!      She was very apologetic, and assured me that everything was going smoothly and the reason I hadnt heard from them yet is because they havent heard from the desinger yet.   She said they get a call when the dress is about half finished and thats when they would require the remainder of the deposit from me, but they havent gotten that call yet.  She did say several times that my dress was in the works, and it would be here, with months to spare for alterations.  

Phew!  I had a backup plan, and I was prepared to do what I had to do to get a dress to wear, even if it wasnt MY dress, but now I feel so much better!   I dont have to do anything, but continue waiting!   (and probably get my fat [email protected]@ in the gym!  Lololol)      Thanks, ladies!!!

Re: dress update!

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