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Checks Galore!

Ok, it's been awhile.  Grad school, work, subbing, and wedding planning get in the way of leisure.  But I've been a busy beaver.  Here's what I've done so far.... so excited because this is my first check, and I have more than one.

Date - June 18th 2011 (Late Grandfather's B-day)  - CHECK!
Location - Dreams Cancun Resort and Spa - CHECK!  first deposit sent
Photographer - :-(  was a check, but he just backed out... sadness.  But am looking at new photogs now and will keep you updated, same with videographer.  NO CHECK!
Dress - CHECK CHECK CHECK!!! Super excited about this one.  Sottero and Midgley.  #1239

Just waiting for it to come in.
TTD Dress - CHECK!  Ordered it from Guininarbridal (they do replicas for cheap).  I'm getting an Amy Michelson (it is called Diamond, more views on her website)

her website)  Cross your fingers that it turns out alright.
His Ring - Scott Kay Cobalt collection from the Devotion line.  Have to wait for one more paycheck and then ... CHECK!
Site Visit is Scheduled for this June, along with trial hair and makeup... and couples massage ...teehee - CHECK!
And finally... announcing to both families (and for the most part, they were ok with it!  YAY!) CHECK!!!
Oh yeah, wedding website (besides the knot.  This one is a little more involved) CHECK!!
And..... this week my car should be paid off, so then I can start saving for more!

But, I'm still incredibly stressed and there is still so much to do... ahhhhh!  At least it a start (a big one)!

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Re: Checks Galore!

  • Yay for all of your checks!

    You have a whole year to get all of the planning process done!!  And trust me when I tell you that the year will absolutely FLY by!!!  Seriously!!

    Enjoy it!!



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  • Wow, nice checks! And your dress is gorgeous!
  • Wow! nice checks, thats a lot done!
  •'ve been working hard! :) 
  • So much done and still so much time, congrats!!!


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  • Thanks everyone.  I love the dress, but I am a little scared.  The one I wanted wasn't a sample at the store I went to.  But this dress was.  It is a sister to the one I wanted, and with it pinned, I loved it.  But the other one was strapless and had a corset.  This one doesn't, but they assured me they could make it strapless (as long as they add to the low back by making a corset).  I'm sure it will be still gorgeous, but I'm scared something won't look right after it's changed.  I have decided to do an open corset so you still see the low back.  Well see right? 
    ~It took us five years to finally date, one year to become engaged, and the rest of our lives to fall in love over and over again~ siggy challenge - hair inspiration Photobucket
  • Did you get the Amy Michelson dress replica?  How does it look?  Could you post pics?
  • Congrats on all the checks! I LOVE your dress, so beautiful!
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    Here are the replica picks.  First off,  I must say Gianiar was very nice to work with.  They sent proof photos and I was able to make changes.  I didn't like the way one dress looked after they made it, so they changed it, then they made another out of a slightly different fabric, and shipped them both to me for the price of one plus 2 shipping fees.  Very inexpensive and good quality.  It's wrinkled, in the pic, but that's from shipping and would steam out nicely.  That being said, I had my FI measure me, and we put in the measurements  exactly.  Well, the dress is extremely tight in my butt and hips... to the point where it rides up and poofs out in my waist (which is a little loose on me).  I would have spent the time and money to get it altered, but miraculously I found a similar dress (to my actual wedding dress) for dirt cheap at Filene's running of the brides.  It fit like a glove, so I'm going to use that as my TTD and try to sell the replicas.  I never thought I'd end up being a multiple dress bride, but all in all, I spent less than all those than many spend on one, and definately spent less than I budgetted for!  If anyone's interested in the replica of the Amy Michelson, PM me.  I have two (they made one out of matte satin and one out of shiny satin and pretty much gave me one free, so I would consider all offers for either or both).  If you want to compare replica to actual, scroll up to my first post.  If you want to order from Gianar, I say go for it, but maybe add an inch to your measurements (you can always take in, but it's hard to let out). 

    Dress views.... back,  back bustle, side (I'm trying to hold some fabric at my waist so it doesn't poof), and front  (you can see it poofing where it's riding up my big hips).   Btw, this is the matte satin dress,  the shiny satin dress neckline isn't as deep.    And my decolletage is normally miniscule, but Nubra rocks!

    ~It took us five years to finally date, one year to become engaged, and the rest of our lives to fall in love over and over again~ siggy challenge - hair inspiration Photobucket
  • Wow!  Congrats on all the checks!  LOVE both of your dresses! 
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