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Hello fellow OBX bride!  Where are you getting married????  I  saw your post about the welcome dinner... we are doing a welcome dinner in place of a rehersal dinner.  Not sure if that is an option, but depending on where you are getting married, I may be able to give you some alternate ideas...

Re: ~slhdgk~

  • Nice!  Corolla is beautiful!!!  We are doing a rehearsal, it will be at 4:00 the day before the wedding and then we will be having our "Welcome Dinner" that night at 6:00.  And we are inviting everyone to that.  We are also getting married on a Thursday, so the welcome dinner is on Wednesday.  There was no way we could do two parties either, so we just are doing one big one.  We'll have a private rehearsal with just the VIP's.

    One idea you could do is find a local and i mean LOCAL who can do some BBQ for you guys.  I don't know anyone up near Corolla, but i'm sure there are people who can do up some pulled pork and shrimp for you guys and you could keep it really inexpensive.  Or Pizza!  That was our origional plan for the welcome dinner, just order a bunch of pizza, but we lucked out and our caterer gave us an awesome deal and is doing homemade pizzas, subs and wings for $400 for 60 people.

    When is your wedding???

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