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Last Post!!!! CRAZY.

There was a time, when I thought this point would never come.  As I watched all the other girls so close to leaving, I just wished it was me.  Now I am completely freaked out that it is.  It seems so fast.  In six days I will be standing next to my best friend in the whole world, the only man who has never played with me, who makes me feel like the most special person on earth, the man who thinks its cute when I stomp my feet and get mad like a child.


I stumbled on this forum way back in the beginning, in the first week we got engaged.  I was amazed by the relationships between the girls, the support, the laughs, and the amazing ideas.  Pretty much all things at my wedding were ideas I found from the girls here: palm fans, week timelines, postcard guest book, and so so much more. I thank you all for your amazing sharing nature.  I don’t think you can find what we have here anywhere else.


I was never able to post specific problems with friends or family.  I was very aware of this as a public forum, and was convinced someone would see it and get pissed off.  But I always KNEW, that if I had a problem, you guys would be there with solid advice and a good giggle.


I can’t name names.. I’m a school teacher and have issues with people being left out.  I think you all have touched or helped me in some way.  You are an incredible group of women.   To those before me – thanks for everything – you have been so inspiring.  To those after me – I’m not going to say don’t stress, cause to me, it’s a load of bull.  Just realize what’s important to stress about, and what’s not. 


I can’t believe this is it.  I’ll see you ladies on the FLIP SIDE.  Sending oh-so-much love J

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