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More BPic talk

for those of you who did it.........

how many outfit changes did you do?
Did you have your hair & makeup done?  was it worth it?
how many images did you get?

One of the photographers I emailed, emailed me back today, and sounds really great.   Ive looked at her site, and she takes great pics.   The NJ knotties highly recommend her.    She sent me a price list, and I'm tring to figure out which is the best package. 

Re: More BPic talk

  • Can't wait to hear these responses since I was wondering the same questions too!
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    I took 3 outfit changes:

    - A white button up t shirt of FI's with black undies
    - Black bra and panties
    - A white boyfriend tank with lace at the top and undies

    I also wore a pearl necklace that is for sale.

    I did my own hair and make-up, I didn't want to spend the money on that, when I could just do it myself.  They are so much fun!

    Here is the post of some of my b-pics:
    image ExerciseMilestone Anniversary
  • I did 7 outfit changes. I know it's probably a lot, but I wanted to have a lot of variety. :) I posted a few of mine on here (like Meghan!), so here's the link to mine that I posted.

    I had my hair and make-up done. My photographer's wife does hair and make-up and it was included in the price. I personally would have my hair and make-up done, just because I wanted to feel extra sexy, and that definitely helped! ;)

    Good luck on getting yours done and HAVE FUN! I highly, highly reccomend them to anyone thinking about doing them! They're so much fun!
  • I had 5 outfit changes.  In retrospect though, I didn't need that many because it was hard to narrow the choices down for an album!  I think 3 would be perfect! 
    I have the advantage of having a sister who is also a cosmetologist, so she did my hair and makeup.  But I def rec having this done, because you're makeup will need to be more glamorous and heavy to really show up in pictures.  And I definitely rec wearing false eyelashes!!!!
    I didn't get copyrights to images.  My album included 20 images (I think) and she ended up sending me a cd with my album that had those images on it.

    Good luck, you will have so much fun and your FI will love them!!!  And p.s., my profile pic is one of my b-pics.  Here's the link to my session blog on Leah's webstie:
  • ok.   im gonna do it.    i have been really apprehensive, cause I'm a big girl.   In the past 4 years, I've gained a lot of weight.    FI knew me before and now....and he looooooves every bit of me.   I've been working on getting some poundage off, but as we all know, they come on easier then they go off!  haha.   anyhoo...FI is always begging for pics, and I always laugh at him, so I know this will blow him away.   

    I think Im gonna do a "storyline" theme.  Im gonna do 4 outifts, and make each one a representative of part of our relationship.

    Ill do a button down, my glasses and a stack of books, to represent when we were students together.   Some fishnets and stilettos for our dating days.   white lingerie for "bridal"  and then my something blue Mrs. Hogan boy shorts and a tank.  

    Sound good?
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