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Sounds absurd doesnt it?    I have the best florist EVER.  Shes Swiss and "retired" to Bermuda to fufill her life dream of opening a flower shop.   She knows I'm planning without a wedding planner, and she has been so helpful.   She has had no problem making suggestions and picking things up for me, at no extra cost.   I talk to her frequently.  I <3 her!

So, today I emailed her asking her for recs for hair & makeup.   She suggested a hair stylist, and even made the appointment for me.  yes!    Then for makeup she said...."I can do it"    (what!?)      She went on to say how she has worked for Yves St. Laurent, Rubenstein, and Elizabeth Arden and was a trainer for Clinique.  

So, while I love her, and I trust her (Ive given her full reign over my flowers/centerpieces/decor) I dont know about this.    Shouldnt she be busy doing flowers or something?    Is she going to have enough time to beautify me?   Should I let someone who is not currently a "makeup artist" have at my face?    

What do you think?   

Re: Makeup Florist

  • I'd ask for pictures of her work, but if they look good, I'd say go for it! She'll probably do your flowers the day before (I think this is how it works?), so she should have time on your day of. I could be completely wrong on this, but I *think* that's right..? I hope it all works out for you! So far for me, the less vendors, the better, lol!
  • Ditto what Maura said! She sounds awesome, with how helpful she's been and if she really can do a good job on your makeup and your flowers!  And yes, I was very confused by your post's title :)
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  • I think I might trust her - since you seem so impressed with all your other dealings with her so far...  Ask if she can give you a referral or two (if she's done this for other brides) and if they were happy with her, go for it!!  The PP is right - she probably can do a lot of the flower work the day/night before and would have time to tend to you on your wedding day...
  • I'd say let her if she's offering and thinks she'll be all done with your flowers (which she should be by the time you need makeup done on your wedding day). Also, the places she's worked for are NICE. Helena Rubinstein at the very least is a luxury makeup line, so it's not like they just hire anybody. Sounds like you found a gem of a floral designer.
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