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Poll: Bustles

What type do you have?

Why did you go with that one?

Re: Poll: Bustles

  • My dress has a lot of tiers, so we went with a one point over to show them off.
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  • I think I am going to get a french bustle.  Since I have a pick-up skirt I think that will work best.  My cousin did that for her dress and she said it was like $5.00 a bustle.  I know you asked about prices the other day.
  • is it bad that i have NO idea what kind of bustle I have?   hahaha
  • LOL - I'm the same boat as you nessi!  I have no idea what kind mine is!
  • My dress has massive amounts of detailing all the way down the back of the skirt - we had the alterations lady pin it up several different ways and what we decided on what a low french bustle (about a foot or so off the floor...).  For anyone who's overwhelmed by bustle choices, the French bustle is the one that tucks under and ties with loops of ribbon...  The problem with this is, because of the fullness of my dress and the low positioning of the bustle, we had to add LOTS of tie points to avoid having the dress "dog ear" on the sides and stick out - which would look completely goofy!!  Therefore, I ended up with THIRTEEN tie points - can you believe that???  The fee for a bustle includes 3 so I had to pay $7 per tie for the other 10 - yikes!!!
  • Ah, gotcha!  Well then mine is a one point over  :)
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