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Aruba wedding

Hello All,

My name is Marketa and I am getting married in Aruba in August of 2011. I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for me of any kind. I am currently working with but any info would help greatly! Thanks

Re: Aruba wedding

  • I can't help w/ the location, but there are Aruba brides here. I just wanted to say hi and welcome!


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  • Hi Marketa!

    Congrats on the wedding!  As a company who works with destination wedding bridal couples, maybe I can offer you some hints and tips right now.  I know, you are using the "other" guys, so what I want your wedding to be the best!  We have a lady in our office that goes down to Aruba every year, she just loves it!  It is a very beautiful island.  And one that you can have two weddings.  You go down to the courthouse for the legal wedding, going in the single door, coming out the double or marriage door.  Then you come back to the resort and have your beach wedding! 

    What allot of our couples do is choose an all inclusive resort so that their guests know what they are paying for in advance.  It is easier on the guests to know the costs to make their budgets and/or deciding to go.  There are not a wealth of those kind of resorts in Aruba but they are a great choice.  Otherwise your wedding budget will dictate were you are staying. If you guys are great beach lovers then stay up by the Tierra del Sol Golf Course area.

    I hope this helps you on your quest!  We wish you nothing but the best!

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  • Thanks everyone for the great advice!
  • Hi!

    I am also getting married in Aruba - still finalizing the exact date, but the end of August/beginning of September of this year. We did a lot of research, and I finally picked the Bucuti Beach Resort.  I didn't want a big huge resort, and have read and heard wonderful things about Bucuti.

    I'm definitely interested in any suggestions that anyone has!

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