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How early did you send out your STD's?

First of all I just want to say the first time I saw a post that said something about STD I was like WHAT??? STD's? Why would they talk about STD'S! But since then I guess I have become more educated in wedding lingo, I get it means Save the date now... haha...

ANYWAY, We are getting married in Spain, how early should I send out my save the dates? I know too early gets lost or something, I just want to give people plenty of time to save up money to come. When did you send out yours?

Re: How early did you send out your STD's?

  • I just mailed mine today. So, 10 months in advance. But even up to a year is fine since people will have to go all the way to Spain!  Smile
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  • Spain sounds lovely. I agree with previous posts. We sent ours a year in advance. Then, you can send your invites at the traditional time.
  • We plan on sending ours out a year in advance as well. Once we book the resort and get our official date reserved, we will be ready to send them!

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  • We aimed for a year, but I took forever figuring out what I wanted them to look like and then designing and putting them together, so it was more like 10 months.
  • Mine got sent about 8 months before the wedding.  This is mostly because I had some troubles firming up a date.  I had aimed for a year and this is when I started spreading the news by word of mouth.
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  • We let our immediate family and friends know by email and word of mouth as soon as we picked a date and location.  We sent out STDs in January - 7 months before the wedding - when we had a few more details picked out, like where we'd have our actual ceremony and reception and had reserved our accommodations.
  • We sent ours out 11 months in advance. As soon as we knew we had our wedding date booked, we ordered them and mailed them out.
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