Too hot?

So I'm stressing out about my BM dresses. Our wedding is in July in Sacramento and the cermony starts at 6 p.m. It could still be 100 degrees outside...

I am all for knee length BM dresses but seriously EVERYONE is telling me since its an evening wedding they should be long because that's more formal.....

But it's going to be so freaking hot that just seems mean. Plus I personally like the look of knee length but that's just me. What are you warm weather NorCal brides doing about the heat if your wedding is outside....?

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    We're getting married at the end of June in Sacramento and this was one of my worries as well. It's also a 6 p.m. wedding. Our wedding ceremony is outdoors with an indoor reception. I think you can do a shorter dress and still be formal. This is the dress we chose. 

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    I got married in August this year.  Our ceremony started at 6 also and we did short dresses.  I think you can definitely get away with short dresses and's YOUR day...don't let people talk you into something you don't want!
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    For a summer wedding on a hot day, I would go with knee length. I think it looks more formal if it covers the knees and falls right below the knee, versus above the knee. 
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    We will be getting married in June in the evening, but we'll actually have the opposite weather problem - the wedding is in Daly City, which has a 95% chance of being foggy and cold (yes, in the summer).  Even despite the evening wedding and non-hot weather, myBMs will still be wearing cocktail-length dresses.  Our location is formal enough; if they were to wear long dresses, the entire wedding would just feel a tad too formal for our personalities.  Besides, I always (well, since I got engaged and finally started thinking about such things!) envisioned my BMs wearing shorter dresses, and I don't want to sacrifice that just because an evening wedding is "supposed to be" more formal.

    To sum up: I say go for the knee-length dresses - it will be more comfortable for your BMs and you don't mind the look.  Don't feel like they need to be in long formal gowns just because convention is evening = formal.
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    On a similar note, is it not unbearably hot in summer in Sac?  I had a house offered to me for use and we are looking at August but I am worried it will be miserably hot!
    He is English and I don't want anyone of his friends that are coming over from England to be uncomfortable. 
     We were thinking about getting a tent with some A/C for the backyard reception.  Any input on how to cool down a hot august wedding?
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