Lil Krissy

So I can"t belive we are less than 6 months away. Well you closer than me but still wow. So how is planning coming? Do you still have a big "to do " list?

Re: Lil Krissy

  • LiLKrssyLiLKrssy member
    edited December 2011
    Hi!! I know I haven't been around much. We ae ordering our BM dresses this week. I have an apt. with someone about invivtes on the 19th. Then I have a few things to do ..... need to find hair and make-up, book the officiant, and a limo. Other than that everything is booked its just minor details. I am starting to panic cause the 5 month mark is right around the corner! How is everything coming along for you?
  • kninaknina member
    edited December 2011
    It going pretty good still need oficiant, hotel, linens, hair and make up. I'm going to get on the dress shopping next month but other than that we're on track.
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