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Hi Everyone!

I have a delema! I am hoping to get married in Northern California, ideally the bay area or Monterey area. Our budget is a little tight, and we are looking for specific things and wondering if anyone here can point me in the direction of some location ideas that I may not find just using google.

My ideal location would include:

1. Near by transportation to hotels
2. Ceremony and reception in same location
3. Ideally around 5-10k for ceremony / reception (45-55$ a person)

Our location means more than a DJ, cake, or food, or open bar. We are thinking signature drinks for guests.

Any ideas will be extremely helpful, thanks!


Re: Location, Location, Location!

  •  Hi David,
         My name is Melissa and I am an Event Specialist with Caterman Catering. I am from this area and I can help you, but I need a little more info on what you exactly want. Are you wanting an outdoor or indoor wedding/reception, day or evening? I think there are a lot of options within your budget and I would love to help you find it. Please feel free to call or email me and I can help you further. Thank you for you time.

    Melissa Emens
    Event Specialist
  • Has anyone used Oak Leigh in Fair Oaks?
  • Hey David... Any luck?! I had to move my location because I didn't want to do something that was open to the public walking in on the ceremony, etc. I ended up in Chico.  We live in LA and are origionally from Northern CA and wanted to do exactly what you stated but couldn't find it within our budget...

    We figured that with people needing to fly into Oakland or SF they would need to drive anyways to Napa or Monterey area.... so with the prices of venues in the Bay Area and Monterey we decided to look elsewhere... Sacramento airport and anywhere with in an hour and 30 min was reasonable... with that said I did find this place that was all inclusive and heard from 2 other firends that they were awesome that had used them for their wedding:

    I also have a bunch of other research but that was the first place that came to mind..

    Check it out if you haven't already found a venue... and if you did where did you guys end up?

    Good luck!
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  • I was wondering about Oak Leigh too. I haven't been able to find any reviews except one woman who didn't like the coordinator, but I also read somewhere else the coordinator changed? It's pretty perfect for the size of our wedding party and it suites my desire for a cute patio wedding but I'm afraid to even try them with so little reviews.
  • I was married in March 2012 at the Oak Leigh and it turned out wonderful!
    The coordinator was not there the day of my wedding due to an injury but her staff was well informed of my needs/wants and it turned out beautiful.
    I had originally planned to have my reception and ceremony outside but it rained quite heavily about an hour before the ceremony started, and the staff moved everything indoors, my ceremony was still outside on the patio(my choice), and everything was beautiful!
    I HIGHLY recommend the Oak Leigh! You get much more than you pay for here!
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