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Hi all,Getting married in DC and trying to think of funny rsvp wording. So far came up with:_yes, tell the obamas i am coming_no, i voted for mccain.thanks in advance for your suggestions

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    I personally don't like it because I really don't like to introduce politics into large social gatherings.  I can see you linking DC into your wedding, but I think that there's probably a more neutral way to do it. I think that guests who voted for Obama might think it's funny, but I think that guests who voted for McCain might be offended.  Hopefully not to the point of actually checking off the second one just for that reason, but why introduce strife where it isn't needed? I can be a stick in the mud on stuff like this though, so you might want to consider other opinions first! I have seen some funny non-political RSVP wordings though!
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    Maybe "aye" and "nay" like voting in congress?Or "yes we can" or "no we can't" - your obama fans might see the connection but it's not overtly political.  I agree that it is pretty dangerous to make your wedding invite political. 
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    I would avoid anything political... how about something like:___ Yes, we'll be there with a Capitol Y!___ No, but we'll D.C. ya later!Might be a little cheesy, but it was the best I could come up with.
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    I think Jessie's is really cute, it made me smile which is an indicator others will do the same
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    I agree...while I like it, I wouldnt do it for all my guests!!! :)  Jesse'sGirl's was cute.
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    Those just cracked me up! I like the Aye and Nay!
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