Charity engagement shoot!

Hi Ladies.. I don't post on message boards normally, but - I found this and thought it was really cool!

So, basically - the way I understand it - you get to have 6 engagement photo sessions at the same time, kinda... 

You get 6 'mini' sessions with 6 different, professional photographers, all in the same area - but different parts so none of your pictures come out the same.The photographers all have a different style, so you get 6 different artistic visions for your pictures..  

Ive been looking around, the 'sitting fee' is typically anywhere from $200-400, and doesnt include photos or anything.

With this, you get 4-6, edited, digital images from EACH photographer, WITH FULL COPY RIGHTS. so, you can literally go to Walmart and have them printed dirt cheap - youve got the images!!

BEST PART: is 100% for CHARITY. the $350 fee goes directly to the Luekemia and Lymphoma Society... the photographers are volunteering.

I really want to do it. 'Tickets' (for lack of a better word) are $350 - i paid online then got an email confirmation deciding on the exact time of my shoot - I'm going at 8:20am!! It's may 6th... I imagine this will book up fast... The direct link for ticks is: https://www.wepay.com/events/memoriesforacure

But, I found out about it on Trusted Exposures website: http://trustedexposures.com/#/lls/

Come on sisters, its for a good cause! lol I want to volunteer to help with it! Such a great idea!

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