I just wanted to let you guys know of a really good DIY Project!!! I always loved the idea of a Crystal Tree.... but everyone I saw was over my budget and renting it from my florist was not an option. My best gf is really crafty so we talked about a DIY project and we figured we'd take on the challenge :) We got 2 manzanita branches from www.save-on-crafts.com ; we then got about 10 ivory orchid stems from michaels and a gold (one of my colors) vase from there as well. we went home and cemented the branches into the vase- it took some effort :) adn then once the branches were secure, we spray painted them a deep rich gold color. We then taped the flower stems to the branches and then just spray painted the green tape... you cant see it at all!! then after that was all said and done, i went to www.crystallier.com and ordered a ton of crystals- all diff types and they will be drapped onto the branches. I went back to Michaels and got some single crystals which are sold in a clear plastic box and emptied the crystals onto the top of cement to hide it and then got fishing wire and hung the remaining big crstals on there too. ITS SO GORGEOUS i love it!! i am def. selling it after Jan 10!

Look at pics in my bio! :) I hope i can save you guys and add a cute detail to your weddings :)


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