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Advice please! Which photo for our Save-the-Date cards?

My fiance and I just got our engagement photos and we love them.  We need to send our save-the-date cards out soon but we're having trouble picking a photo for the card.  Would love to hear people's thoughts! 

I personally love the first picture the most, but it doesn't seem to be a traditional save-the-date kind of photo...but who cares, right? As long as we like it.

Re: Advice please! Which photo for our Save-the-Date cards?

  • I see why you are having problems choosing.  Every last one of those photos are great!  My choice is the 11th one up from the bottom.  The one that looks like you are standing in fountain grass (brown).  That's a fabulous photo! :)

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  • I love the first one! So cute. I would say do which ever one you love the most. It doesn't have to be a "traditional" engagement photo at all! 

    I also LOVE the picture of you too on the bridge with the purple sky as the background!!
  • Your photos are beautiful.  I like the one of the two of you laying down, on your backs -- the focus is on your faces, where it should be -- not on the backfround/setting..  The expressions are priceless!
  • I agree with Lisa50. You want one that is closer up or doesn't have too much going on. So my picks are the one laying in the grass or the one where you two are standing up and he's hugging you.
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