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I am booking a Saturday wedding at the beautiful estates of the Oxon Hill Manor in MD for September 28, 2013. For anyone who has visited or seen it knows how beautiful the venue is. I am a little bummed that they allow two events on Saturday and if you want a tent so everyone can sit together and not indoors split into three rooms ( I am having 200+ guests) you have to book the whole day. They don't let you set up until after 5pm and tent set ups can take 1-2 hours so you won't be able to start the party until 7pm or so. It's a big price difference of $8400 for whole day vs $4400 for evening. Is anyone interested in booking that same Saturday morning event slot who also wants a tent and splitting the cost of the tent? Tents run anywhere from $2000-$9000. Message me or reply to this message please! Also would love to hear from other brides-to-be who are planning their weddings there.



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  • We are planning a wedding on July 6, 2013 and we looked at Oxon Hill Manor last year. Like you said the landscape is very lovely, there a view of the VA bridge and the National Harbor and a nice reflection pool for pictures. However, the rooms are divided and we I asked how we would do the first dance I was told that we would do it in the 3rd room and very one would pack in to see it. Our guest list is about 175 so it would have been difficult for everyone to fit. We also considered Newton White Mansion which has a nice fountained and the indoor space has a lovely flow. Be mindful if you look into Newton White- there are a lot of rules because both places are thru the MDPPC the rules are the same.
  • We chose the Newton White Mansion over the Oxon Hill Manor for that very reason.  My wedding is also in September 2013 and I can already tell you, there are not many dates available.  However, their Atrium is awesome and sits comfortably 200-240.
  • I am also getting married next year June 23rd 2013 at the Oxon Hill Manor but we choose a Sunday because the allow only one wedding on Sundays. I do have an issue with the 1st dance viewing, but I trying to work thru it (in my head). I love the rest of the venue.
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