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December 2009 Weddings


Are you wearing a shrug or a kind of wrap? Though I am in Texas and who knows what the weather will be like, I'm thinking that I'll appreciate having something when we leave the venue. I was thinking getting an actual winter coat, but then I don't want to cover up the dress either. What kind did you get? Where did you get yours?

Re: coat/wrap

  • My friend who got married last January wore a white pea coat over her dress upon leaving the wedding and it looked SO lovely over her dress.  I'm considering doing that if I can find one that I like.
  • I live in WI and having a 12-12 wedding so yes, I do have a fux fur wrap. I got it from Esty, but I do not reccomend the seller I used. VintageEra...or something like that, took over a month to get it to me
  • I also live in WI and am wearing a faux fur wrap. You can get them at David's Bridal.  My MOH is making mine and her design is inspired by what we found at David's, she's just making it a little wider.  We are looking for a brooch to pin the wrap shut.  We bought the materials an JoAnn fabrics.
  • I live in NJ and getting married on new years eve and as of now I'm not wearing anything. We'll only be outside for pictures and then walking from the limo to the inside so I figure it's pointless...Even for outside picts I'm gonna suck it up b/c I want my gown showing and most people told me I'd be hot b/c of the excitment of it all
  • I live in Cincinnati, and I bought one for the outdoor pics. I think it will be a nice touch to have something that I can put on to stay warm with when outside. Here is the link. http://fabulousfurs.com/white-mink-asymetrical-wrap/p/92356WHIMINK/cn/4036/
  • i am getting married Dec. 5th and I live in Michigan, so I am wearing a fux shrug.  There is a PIB and I got it from ebay for like $30.
  • @mikenamanda - I'm thinking of getting a faux fur wrap from that same seller - how do you like the one you got?
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