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December 2009 Weddings

Christmas Canon Processional

Hi! I know several of us are using Christmas Canon for the processional. Originally I was going to have the bridesmaids and myself walk in to it since it's a long song. But now I'm thinking I'm going to have the bridesmaids walk into something else and edit Christmas Canon to a shorter version for myself. What are others doing who are using Christmas Canon?
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Re: Christmas Canon Processional

  • Hi, I LOVE Christmas Canon.  I originally had my BMs walking into Canon in D however I think it is either the same exact song as Christmnas Canon or way TOO similar!  I'm working with our organist for some alternatives but right now I'm leaning towards "Oh Holy Night" or "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" but a very slow piano version.
  • Or a "A Last Waltz"
  • I'm the music director at my church so I work on this with brides a lot.  If you were a bride I was working with, I'd advise you to have the BMs walk down to Christmas Cannon because it is a longer song and then pick something different for yourself.  The time is take for a bride to walk down the aisle, hug her dad, let FI shake dad's hand and then walk up to the minister does not take very long.  I usually only get through 5-6 phrases of Canon in D when I play it for the bride.  I just don't think you'll get the full effect of the Christmas version if you use it for yourself. That being said ... it's totally your decision : )
  • What song would you recommend then?  I absolutely love Christmas Canon however I can't think of a better back-up.
  • Thanks for the ideas!mrspgabriel - I was planning to use the actual transiberian orchestra cd version of christmas canon. I wanted to use it for myself because the childrens' chorus that sings at the beginning is the perfect grand intro for a Christmas bride. But I'm open to other ideas. All of our ceremony music is Christmas related. Guests are seating to Manheim Steamroller Christmas songs, BMs are walking into "Traditions of Christmas" by manheim, Recessional is Transsiberian orchestra's Appalachian Snowfall. If I were to use the Christmas Canon for the BMs, any suggestions what I could use for myself?
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  • I love Christmas Canon and I think it would go nicely with other pieces too. My Matron of Honor and Flowergirl are walking into O'Come All Ye Faithful and I am walking into The First Noel both by Trans Siberian Orchestra. Both are a little shorter, I do not have a long aisle, and might work nicely with the Christmas Canon.
  • I AM DOING THE SAME THING Tabaskoa!  The children's voices give me chills and I can't envision any other song!  Maybe I can fall half way down and it will buy up more time!
  • Hahaha! DBean00 - I love the falling down idea. Anything to waste some time. :) I'm planning to have the doors shut and as the children sing they will slowly open. Then as the actual music starts I'll sloooooowly make my way down the aisle. I've been playing around with editing the mp3 to shorten it appropriately.
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  • I'm walking in to Canon D'...the music director told me to go slow b/c it's a long song but our church isn't really long.  Any suggestions? B/c I really can't see walking in to anything else....I always wanted that song
  • We're walking in to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon. I timed the walk for the bridal party to walk down our aisle. At a 'normal' pace (like walking thru Target or something) is 21 seconds. At a 'slower' but not obnoxiously slower pace, it was a 30 second walk. Our aisle is shorter than a normal aisle. We're getting married in a beautiful Scottish Rite. So, this is how I have it broken down: 1-28 seconds, FI & Minister walk in to their places :28-3:34, the bridal party walks in together (that's 30 seconds for each 'couple' to walk down together, with six total 'couples') At 3:36, I will start walking down with my dad. That gives us 40 seconds to get down the aisle, which is ample time. Plus, my dad stands up there with us and isn't seated until after the minister does his first prayer. Each minister is different with how they do their services. (I love how the song 'picks up" at 3:36) Also, if there is time left and the bridal party is all in place by 3:30, we will shut the doors to the cathedral before they are opened back up for my 'grand' entrance. I have a personal attendant at the doors releasing each party couple, and she will be timing the song, in sync with my friend who is running the music. I have all the confidence that everyone involved will be awesome at making this happen. I LOVE Christmas Canon and I want everyone to have their part during the song. I can't wait for this to happen!!!
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  • wow, lots of comments while I was gone for lunch! : ) nygirl ... I would say most musicians are aware of Canon being a long song vs. the short aisle.  I've figured out a way to edit the song so you get the nice intro, the excitement of the middle, and the grand finale of the song. my brides seem pretty happy with my edited version.  I agree w/your organize, walk slow!  Hopefully she can make the most of the song.
  • DBean and Tabaskoa: First, this is your wedding and you should ultimately do want you want, but here is what I would recommend... If you love Christmas Canon and especially want to feature the children's choir, I would do it for the bridal party so you can get the most out of the song.  You should still be able to hear it but you'll probably be so nervous and focused on your entrance you might miss it!  If you also want to walk down to it, go for it and have everyone walk down to the Christmas Canon.  I think another poster gave the breakdown of time and I think that would work great. However, if you want two different songs, I would still recommend Christmas Canon for the bridal party and something different for you.  I looked through my Christmas music at lunch and came up with some ideas. *O Come All Ye Faithful - especially if done on an organ, it would be so grand and bold, that would be beautiful! I would personally choose this.*Hark the Hareld Angels SingAlso in keeping with the Christmas theme it could be really great to walk out and end with Joy to the World, Angels We Have Heard on High, or Go Tell it on the Mountain.
  • Also, don't be afraid to have an upbeat song for your entrance, this is a big moment in your life!  While recessionals are always bold, marching songs, remember your entrance is like a march too. I'm processing into the old school Bridal Chorus (here comes the bride) played on the organ, I don't think O Come All Ye Faithful needs to be slowed down, play it like the regular, upbeat entrance song that it is.  We use that song almost every year for our opening song to Christmas and I just love the feel of the room with that song booming through the church! I hope I'm helping ... I would say 90% of the weddings I play for use Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring for the bridal party and Canon in D for the bride, so my creative juices aren't exactly flowing.  I think it's a great idea to incorporate seasonal songs into the ceremony!
  • mrspgabriel - Thanks for all the advice!
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