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Update to my fun week

So, I have good news and bad news.The good news - I am not pregnant, and apparently wasn't pregnant at all, which means I didn't miscarry.The bad news - An unfertilized egg started giving off signals to my body that I was pregnant without producing HGC, and tried to implant itself into my uterus, which obviously didn't take. This means that my body is still going through the feelings of having a miscarriage. I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the day because I was cramping so hard I couldn't barely walk or stand, and they put me on a mild narcotic to take away the pain until my entire uterine lining is shed. I am taking today off because I still need the medicine and I just need to recoup mentally. So it's been a crazy week, but mentally I feel much better knowing it was not an actual miscarriage. Now if I can just get my body back in shape.

Re: Update to my fun week

  • i bet youre going through a ton of emotions right now (not to mention being uncomfortable). im sorry you had to go through all of this. i hope you feel better *hugs*
  • I'm sorry sweetie :( I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*
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  • Thanks ladies. I actually feel MUCH better knowing that I didn't lose a baby. And DH and I are actually now thinking about having kids next year, which is a lot sooner than we had originally planned. So it did some good, too.
  • I'm so sorry you had to go through such an emotional roller coaster! Hope you feel back to normal soon!
  • Glad to hear it turned out better than you thought! Sorry about the cramping and generalized ickiness. You'll be back to normal in no time!
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  • Wow, that is just about the craziest thing I've heard in a while! I've never heard of an unfertilized egg doing that before. I am so glad that it wasn't an actual miscarriage, though. I hope you're feeling better! I do have to say I'm a little bummed about not having another pg niner, but of course, that's OK. I'm just glad you're alright. :)
  • Amelia - I think there is another pg niner...  Can't remember who though!
  • Yeah, apparently it is a fairly rare thing to happen. The weird part is that I actually didn't think I would be upset about NOT being pregnant. So now I've got baby fever, but we're going to try to hold it off until next year, when Jason will have more school finished and we will be more financially ready.
  • Weird how the thing you think you don't want becomes the thing you want most, huh? On Sunday I was bawling because I was scared to death and not ready for a baby. Now, two days later I'm freaking ecstatic. While I think it's a wise decision to hold off until you're more financially ready, it's kind of a good thing that this experience has made you realize you want to TTC soon. But at least you will get a little while to enjoy being newlyweds, too. :)
  • I know!!! It is so weird. But I can't WAIT to hear all about everything :-) It makes me so excited.
  • aww...:) Well, we told my mom last night and her response was "I knew it!" She claims she could tell the day we came back from the honeymoon. *lol* She's nuts.
  • I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I hope you get well soon. DH and I are also talking about having a baby next year. I can't wait! HUGS!
  • Although i'm sure you were so excited about being pregnant, and the pain sucks, I am so happy that you weren't pregnant and didn't miscarry. This must be a little load off your shoulders. Was it a chemical pregnancy? Not 100% familiar with that term, so i'm not sure.
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  • No, because the egg wasn't fertilized, it was not a chemical pregnancy. But what happened to my body was extremely similar to a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage.
  • I'm glad you're ok but sorry you're going through all this..Hang in there; it sounds like you will be back on your feet soon:)Jessica
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  • A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. In many cases, the positive pregnancy test was achieved before the woman’s period was due but a miscarrige occured before a heartbeat was able to be seen on an ultrasound. I went through this this past summer.
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