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Well, its been hard for me to get on lately...been working way too much! But things have been stressful. First it had become decided that my FI's business (he is a small business owner with a former coworker) is going to be done. The economy has taken a toll..and they just can't keep it running. Not a great time to be job hunting. And then, a few days later..my FIs father passed away. He has been ill for quite a while, but the family was not expecting it so soon. When it rains it pours I guess. Luckily my job has been very flexible with my schedule and understanding of the situation even though we aren't officially married yet. They have given me a few days off..thank god. Sigh. The only silver lining in this is that my mother, after months of procrastinating, is finally coming out. She has never met my FIs family, but she wants to show love and support. So she is coming for a week. When I told me FI he was very grateful, and then said, "well, we can get some wedding stuff done." How do I not love a man like that! Ok, well, thanks for the venting opportunity. Yay for the January Knotties.

Re: Overload-vent

  • I am sorry to hear that you have been going through a hard time.  I honestly feel for you, my FI and I called off our wedding this past week, total dream crusher.  We are still getting married, just called off the "wedding" part.  Couldn't take the bumping heads with my mother anymore, plus both of us have picked up extra jobs to help pay for wedding stuff, and our relationships with our friends and especially ourselves, and that was something we weren't willing to sacrifice.  So there ya go, I'll be your overload-vent twin for the day.  Strength in numbers.  :)  It's really sweet that your FI is still thinking of your wedding in the middle of all the he/y'all are going through!  What a great guy!  My FI knows how hard it was for me to "let go" of the wedding dream.  He took care of contacting all the vendors and was able to get all of our deposits back, so I wouldn't have to get upset dealing with all that.  Sweetie.  I hope you feel better and that y'all have a good visit when your mom comes to visit.  La-La
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