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January 2010 Weddings

I need to vent!!!!

ok ladies first off my fiance and I are 21 and 22 and we dont come from extremely wealthly families, so long story short we are putting together a wedding with a modest budget of $5000.  I have been very blessed in my planning process because although my family can't help money wise, the have helped me find a lot of connections to vendors who specialize in "brides on a budget" so the budget has not been an issue! well though I am on a budget I still want an elegant classy wedding! Well today I found a reception venue for $1000 and his Aunt and Mother told me that I had a "Wine dream with a water reality" basically they told me to get off my high horse and settle for less! I dont think I should if we can truely afford it! and then they told me that part of his family will not attend the wedding because it's going to be cold and I am not providing a shuttle service! they want me to change my date and my menu after it has already been finalized! Oh and they were upset because I got my dress at David's Bridal and not a THRIFT store!!!ok ladies thanks for letting me vent! I feel much better!  

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Re: I need to vent!!!!

  • What I find especially ridiculous is the dress comment. "Thrift store" doesn't mean 99 cent store, for a wedding dress you really can't beat David's Bridal's prices. Besides, like PPs have said...people who aren't paying have no place demanding things. E-hug for you!
  • If it makes you feel any better, I am a $5K bride as well and the cheapest venue we could find is still going to be about 2500-3000 depending on how many guests actually show.  You got a great deal, and don't let them tell you otherwise.  Plan the wedding you want at the budget you can afford.  As long as you are not breaking the bank and putting yourself in debt, I wouldn't worry about what families say.  You're old enough to get married, which means you're old enough to manage your own budgets!GL and great find on a venue!!!
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  • oh wow! I would definately be venting too! david's bridal dresses are not outrageously priced, and they normally are having a ton of their 99$ sales! There are things that can be downgraded to save money, but not the dress. You want to feel and look beautiful, and most of the dresses you find at thrift stores look like dresses they wore in the 1940's. And the $1000 venue is not bad at all, I live in a tiny city in PA, and I still payed $1200 for our venue!
  • OMG I can't believe they got mad because you didn't get your dress at a THRIFT STORE! I mean if you are budgeting everything then its fine! sheeesh!
  • Omg, SO not cool. FI and I are also footing the bill personally (Same story, we're poor, and our families are, too), and we had to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices, but we're managing to still put something together that we're going to love in spite of the lack of budget.Look at it this way, on pretty much ANY budget, most of it goes to the venue anyway, and $1,000 for something that you like is a STEAL no matter how much or little you have. If they or any of your guests don't like the date or the lack of shuttle (Which they really should just be happy for you instead of being so selfish), then they don't have to go, and that's less people you need to pay to feed ... ok, that's a little shrewd, but I had a similar blow up with my grandma shortly into my planning process, and I so threw down that arguement.And I like David's Bridal, darn it! That's where my dress came from, and I gaurantee had I bought a dress any place else (I guess aside from a thrift store) it would have cost me hundreds of dollars more ... Its your wedding day, clearly you're doing what you can with the means you have, so tune them out and be HAPPY for yourself that you're managing to do so much on a tiny budget!

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  • WOw, I am SO sorry you have to deal with these people and their opinions. They have NO right if they are not contributing to tell you what you should or should not do. You can do a lot of things that will be classy and elegant on a tight budget. Are you crafty? Maybe you can do your own invitations, programs, stuff like that. I am doing all paper items myself and saving a metric buttload of money. What dress did you get? I got mine at DB too, I love it! It doesn't matter where you get your dress, as long as you feel beautiful and bridal in it. Hang in there and vent anytime!!
  • Aww thanks ladies I feel so much better!!

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